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Sociology Research Apprenticeship

The Sociology Research Apprenticeship (SRA) is a semester-long program that provides an opportunity for undergraduates to gain research experience in sociology research projects.

This research experience is beneficial because it provides students with greater insight into the process by which knowledge is rigorously pursued and revealed.

Students are paired with either faculty or a graduate student in need of  research assistance. A faculty member oversees the graduate and undergraduate pairing. 

SRA projects vary by semester (not all faculty need assistance every semester). Undergraduate Sociology majors or minors, and Sociology Track QSS majors, with high GPA in sociology are eligible. Priority is given to majors when selecting SRA participants.

Research assistance opportunities may include

  • Survey pilot testing assistance
  • Data entry
  • Interview transcription
  • Literature summaries
  • Archival analysis
  • Data visualization
  • Study participant recruitment

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Undergraduate sociology majors & minors (majors will have priority)
  • Soc-track: QSS majors
  • We recommend completion of SOC 355; but this is not required
  • High GPA in sociology classes
  • Good research skills
  • Flexible research interests

Course Credit

There are two options for course credit
  • Option 1:
    • For 3 credits (as SOC 497R: Directed Research) students will work 9 hours per week.
  • Option 2:
    • For 4 credits (as SOC 497R: Directed Research) students will work 12 hours per week.

SRA may be repeated, but any credit hours over 8 (the equivalent of two courses) will be graded Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory (the first 8 credit hours may be taken for a grade or S/U).

How to Apply

  1. Complete Application

    Complete the SRA Undergraduate Application Form.

    Please be sure to save the completed document to your computer before emailing the application. 

  2. Unofficial Transcript

    Secure a copy of your Unofficial Transcript.

  3. Submit Application & Transcript

    Email the application AND transcript BOTH to Arlo Pittman ( and to Dr. Tracy Scott (


Notification of acceptance will be sent via email (SRA Notification Email) about two weeks prior to the start of the semester.

Next Steps

  • If accepted, you will meet with your SRA Research Partner during the first week of the semester and go over the SRA Faculty-Student Agreement.
  • You must return the SRA Faculty-Student Agreement to Dr. Tracy Scott to complete registration for the SRA course (SOC 497R).
  • The deadline to return your SRA agreement and add the course to your schedule is the last day of add/drop/swap.
SRA Faculty-Student Agreement