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Call for Papers

The 42nd annual SEUSS will be held Friday, March 1st and Saturday, March 2nd at Emory University. The Symposium provides undergraduate students a unique opportunity to present their independent research in a welcoming professional setting. Presentations in any area of sociological significance are invited.

Students are encouraged to submit abstracts of final papers completed in their undergraduate courses if their work involves data collection, analysis, and/or theoretical exploration. Co-authored papers and those addressing contributions to larger collaborative research efforts outside the classroom also qualify.

Students will give their presentations in person at Emory University on Saturday, March 2  on panels of fellow researchers. (Rare exceptions will be made for students who might not be able to come to Atlanta but could participate on a panel via a virtual presentation in real-time on Zoom). Detailed presentation instructions will be given closer to the symposium date. 

Application Procedure

  1. Students interested in presenting a paper should submit an abstract (or no more than 300 words) describing their research (including enough information about content of analysis to allow reviewers to make informed decisions. Abstracts must also include: paper title; names and contact information of student author(s) and their university/college affiliation; name and contact information of author’s faculty sponsor.
  2. Faculty sponsors need to provide a brief statement (of a few sentences) indicating that the student’s research will be ready for presentation by Saturday, March 1. The sponsor’s statement can accompany the student’s submission or be emailed directly to Dr. Ju Hyun Park at
  3. A registration fee (typically $25) will be announced when submission procedures are sent out in February. These fees help to defray the costs of the banquet.
  4. Students will receive notification of acceptance and registration information by Friday, February 16. Detailed information on presentation procedures will be distributed the week of February 19.

Optional: Paper Competition

Optional: To be eligible for an Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research students may submit completed papers that includes:

  • A title page
  • Names and contact information of student author(s) and
  • Their university/college affiliation
  • Name and contact information of author’s faculty sponsor