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Joint Sociology/Religion Major

This joint major is an option for students with strong interests in both fields. It is intended to show how the theoretical and methodological resources of sociology can aid in the study of religious traditions and how insights gleaned from the study of religion can enrich a sociological understanding of culture.


A minimum of 48 hours (14 courses) as follows:

a. 16 hours (5 courses):

  • One tradition-specific course in religion (with approval of adviser)
  • REL 300 (Interpreting Religion)
  • One course selected from SOC 201 (Organizations and Society), SOC 214 (Class, Status, Power), or SOC 245 (Individual and Society)
  • SOC 355 or SOC 355W (Research Methods in Sociology)
  • QTM 100 (Intro to Statistical Inference) or SOC 275 (Social Statistics)

b. 26 hours (8 courses) from the two departments:

  • REL 490 (Senior Symposium)
  • 3 courses in the Religion Department, two at the 300 level or higher
  • SOC 221 (Culture and Society) or SOC 333 (Sociology of Religion)
  • SOC 457W (Development of Sociological Theory)
  • 2 Sociology courses at the 200 level or higher

c. 6 hours (2 courses):

  • 2 courses from either or both of the departments, at least one at the 200 level or higher

Additional Points:

  • The course work of individual students should be organized in consultation with an adviser.
  • Honors in the joint major may be earned by satisfying the honors requirements of either department.