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Undergraduate Alumni Spotlight

Read what some of our undergraduate alumni did following their graduation from Emory Sociology.    

Jonathan Peraza Campos Headshot
Jonathan Peraza Campos
Graduated in 2018
Lauren Dinger Headshot
Lauren Dinger
Graduated in May 2008
Andrew W. Foster Headshot
Andrew W. Foster
Graduated in 2007
Alexandra 'Lexi' Gervis Headshot
Alexandra 'Lexi' Gervis
Graduated in 2008
Ian Margol Headshot
Ian Margol
Graduated in May 2013
Elizabeth 'Liz' Melia Headshot
Elizabeth 'Liz' Melia
Graduated in 2009
Seanette Ting Headshot
Seanette Ting
Graduated in 2014
Kaylee Tuggle Headshot
Kaylee Tuggle
Graduated in 2015