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Jiaxuan YuGraduate Student

Advisor: Timothy J. Dowd


  • M.A. in Sociology, Fudan University, China, 2019 
  • B.A. in Chinese Language and Literature, Fudan University, China, 2016
  • B.A. in Sociology, Fudan University, China, 2016

General Research Areas

  • Cultural Sociology
  • Globalization
  • Sociology of the Arts
  • Sociology of Organization
  • Inequality 

Current Research

My main research areas are sociology of the arts, culture, organization, and globalization. I am interested in how culture and individuals shape each other. Especially, I am fascinated with how people deal with divergent ideas, norms, and institutions when different groups and individuals encounter each other. To explore this, I study artistic agents and behaviors. I have two research projects under this topic. The first project is a study about square dancing groups — a kind of dancing group mainly organized by elder ladies — in Shanghai. I investigate the different understandings toward it held by the public sphere and participants. The second project is about how globalization has affected the production of Chinese traditional music since the 20th Century.

I am also interested in the studies of inequality, social mobility, and health. In inequality and social mobility, I am the principal translator of John Goldthorpe’s book Social Mobility and Class Structure of Modern Britain, 2nd Edition (Chinese version, in press at Fudan University Press). I have some original research writings under these topics as well, including a conference paper regarding how socio-economic status shapes Chinese college students’ perceptions of social conflicts. In health, I am a research assistant on a project regarding social determinants of the rise of unclaimed bodies led by Dr. Heeju Sohn, and I participated in the Research on the Social Form of the Aging Society of the Future (Major Project of the National Nature Science Foundation of China, grant number 71490733) as a case study leader when I was a master student at Fudan University. 

Yu, Jiaxuan. 2022. “When the Local Encounters the Global: Aesthetic Conflicts in the Chinese Traditional Music World.” The Journal of Chinese Sociology 9(1). doi: 10.1186/s40711-022-00169-y. [HTML][PDF]