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Sloan TalbotGraduate Student

Advisor: Cassidy Puckett


  • BA, Cultural Anthropology (with distinction), Minor in African & African American Studies, and Certificate in Ethics & Society, Duke University, 2019

General Research Areas

  • Culture
  • Organizations
  • Inequality
  • Social Class
  • Education

Current Research

I'm largely interested in studying the interplay between external categorization and cultural processes such as identification and evaluation across macro, meso, and micro levels. 
At the institutional level, I am curious where and why classifications arise, and the attached social and material resources that are allocated as a result of them over time. At the group and individual level, I explore what the category means for those categorized and how it matters for group belonging, community making, and individuals' sense of self.
My current research qualitatively explores the first generation and/or lower-income college student (1G/LI) categorization within the field of higher education. I specifically focus on how first generation and/or lower income college alumni make meaning of the 1G/LI categorization outside the college context. 

Recent Publication

Puckett, Cassidy, Jenise Wong, Sloan Talbot, Hyojin Jennifer Min, and Nora Chokr. 2023. “Institutional Role Conflict in the Digital Age: The Case of Diabetes Management at School.” SSM-Qualitative Research in Health 3: 100215.