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Surbhi ShrivastavaGraduate Student

Advisor: Ellen Idler


  • Master of Public Health (MPH), Tata Institute of Social Science, India
  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS), Manipal University, India

General Research Areas

  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
  • Violence against Women

Current Research

My ongoing projects look at various aspects of the women's health continuum in India, Brazil, and the United States. I have worked on issues of safe abortion and the quality of maternal health care during COVID-19 from a gender justice lens. I am particularly interested in obstetric violence, that is, the perpetration of violence against women during childbirth by health care providers. My past work on this issue has been with both pregnant women and providers in India. I am currently working on expanding my understanding in other geographies and with other stakeholders.

Recent Publications

Emily Dore, Surbhi Shrivastava, and Patricia Homan. 2023. “Structural Sexism and Preventive Health Care in United States.” Journal of Health and Social Behavior. Forthcoming.

Gaurang P. Nazar, Monika Arora, Nitika Sharma, Surbhi Shrivastava, Tina Rawal, Aastha Chugh, Praveen Sinha, Vineet Gill Munish, Fikru Tesfaye Tullu, Kersten Schotte, Jonathan R. Polansky, and Stanton Glantz. 2022. “Changes in Tobacco Depictions after Implementation of Tobacco-Free Film and TV Rules in Bollywood Films in India: A Trend Analysis.” Tobacco Control 32(2).

Surbhi Shrivastava, Saurabh Rai, and M. Sivakami. 2021. “Challenges for Pregnant Women Seeking Institutional Care During the COVD-19 Lockdown in India: A Content Analysis of News Reports.” Indian Journal of Medical Ethics 1-13.

Surbhi Shrivastava and Sangeeta Rege. 2021. “Breaking the Mould: Redefining Gender in Medical Education in India.” Research & Humanities in Medical Education 8: 25-28.

Gaurang P. Nazar, Monika Arora, Vinay Kumar Gupte, Tina Rawal, Aastha Chugh, Surbhi Shrivastava, Prasanna Dhore, Anjali Bhatt, Shailesh R. Deshpande, and A.G. Unnikrishnan. 2021. “The Impact of Project Diabetes with Dignity Intervention on Knowledge and Quality of Life among Adults with Diabetes in a Rural Indian Setting.” International Journal of Noncommunicable Diseases 6(3): 129-136.

Surbhi Shrivastava and Muthusamy Sivakami. 2020. “Evidence of ‘Obstetric Violence’ in India: An Integrative Review.” Journal of Biosocial Science 52(4): 610-628.