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Temi AlaoGraduate Student

Advisor: Irene Browne


  • MA, Sociology, University of Florida, 2022 
  • BA, Psychology with a minor in Sociology, Rice University, 2020 

General Research Areas

  • Racial/Ethnic Relations and Stratification
  • Immigration
  • Identity Politics
  • Social Mobility
  • Social Networks
  • Culture

Current Research

My research agenda is driven by questions concerning identity and the reification of racial/ethnic boundaries in a given social hierarchy. Specifically, I study the racial and ethnic enactments of increasingly diverse Black populations in the U.S. and in France, and how these populations' unique ethnoracial experiences are associated with identity-making processes, inter- and intra-group relations, social networks, and political behaviors. I use mixed methods to conduct my research, including multivariate analyses of surveys (e.g., regression, SEM), network analysis, and qualitative interviews.

Recent Publications

Alao, Temi. 2023. "Diasporic Consciousness in African Immigrants’ Support for #BlackLivesMatter." Journal of Race, Ethnicity, and Politics 8: 141-163.

Bryan, B. & Temi Alao. 2023. “Exploring the Implications of Criminal Justice Contact for Housing.” In McCabe, B. & Rosen, E. (ed.) The Sociology of Housing: An Edited Volume. University of Chicago Press.

Corrington, Abby, Naomi M. Fa‐Kaji, Mikki R. Hebl, Eden B. King, Dillon Stewart, and Temi Alao 2022. The Impact of Organizational Statements of Support for the Black Community in the Wake of a Racial Mega‐Threat on Organizational Attraction and Revenue." Human Resource Management 61(6): 699-722.