Student Application

Who is Eligible?

  • Undergraduate sociology majors & minors (majors will have priority)
  • Soc-track: QSS majors
  • We recommend completion of SOC 355; but this is not required

What Strengthens an Application?

  • High GPA in sociology classes
  • Good research skills
  • Flexible research interests

How to Apply?

  • Complete the RISE Undergraduate Application Form, which can be downloaded here. Please be sure to save the completed document to your computer before email application. 
  • Email your completed application form to Dr. Tracy Scott ( and Amelia Tonurist (  
  • When emailing your application form, also include an unofficial copy of your transcript.

What are the student application deadlines for RISE?

  • Fall Semesters: June 1st
  • Spring Semesters: December 15th

Notification and Next Steps

  • Faculty / graduate students will review applications and may request further information from the undergraduate applicants.
  • Notification of acceptance will be announced in the RISE Semester Announcement Email sent prior to each semester.
  • If accepted, you will meet with your RISE Research Partner during the first week of the semester and go over the RISE Faculty-Student Agreement.
  • You must return the RISE Faculty-Student Agreement to Dr. Tracy Scott to complete registration for the RISE course (SOC 497R).
  • The deadline to return your RISE agreement and add the course to your schedule is the last day of add/drop/swap.