RISE Frequently Asked Questions

What is the RISE Program?

  • A semester-long program that pairs undergraduates with either Faculty or Graduate Students (under the supervision of a Faculty member) who need research assistance.
  • Projects vary by semester (not all faculty need assistance every semester). So, the Sociology Department will pair students and researchers each semester, taking interests into account.
  • Students receive course credit for their research assistant work. There are two options:
    • For 3 credits (as SOC 497R: Directed Research) students will work 9 hours per week.
    • For 4 credits (as SOC 497R: Directed Research) students will work 12 hours per week.

What kinds of research work would I be doing?

  • The type of research work required will vary by faculty member or graduate student. 
  • Examples: survey pilot testing assistance; data entry; interview transcription; literature summaries; study participant recruitment. 

Who is eligible?

  • Undergraduate Sociology majors or minors (majors will have priority)

How do you select students into the program?

  • We encourage all interested Sociology majors and minors to apply.  Decisions about projects will vary by semester, depending on how many (and the type) of faculty projects that are available. 
  • We balance a number of factors when selecting students, here are the main criteria we use:
    • Sociology majors have higher priority
    • Higher class years have higher priority (e.g., Seniors and Juniors)
    • Completion of SOC 355 is helpful, but not required.
    • High GPA in Sociology classes
    • Good research skills
    • Flexible research interests

How do I apply?

  • Submit Application Materials

1.RISE Student Application FORM.  Please see the other document attached to the RISE Semester Announcement. (You may also download the Application Form from the Sociology website)

2. Transcript: Please send a copy of your unofficial transcript.

How will I be notified?

  • Faculty/Graduate Students will review applications and may request further information from the undergraduate applicants.
  • Notification of Acceptance: late July for Fall semesters; late December for Spring semesters.
  • If accepted, you will meet with your Research Partner & register for the course during the first week of the semester.