Research in Sociology at Emory (RISE)

Program Value

The Sociology Department's RISE program provides an opportunity for undergraduates to gain research experience in sociology research projects. This research experience is beneficial because it provides students with greater insight into the process by which knowlege is rigorously pursued and revealed.

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Program Description

RISE is a semester-long program that pairs qualified undergraduates with either Emory Sociology Faculty or Emory Sociology Graduate Students (under the supervision of a faculty member) who need research assistance.

The type of research work required will vary by faculty member or graduate student. Examples of the kind of assistance that may be requested include survey pilot testing assistance, data entry, interview transcription, literature summaries, archival analysis, data visualization, and study participant recruitment.

Course Credit

Undergraduates accepted into this program will receive Sociology course credit for their research work. Typically, there are two options for course credit (one semester):

  1. For 3 credits (as SOC 497R: Directed Research) students will work 9 hours per week.
  2. For 4 credits (as SOC 497R: Directed Research) students will work 12 hours per week.

RISE may be repeated, but any credit hours over the initial 4 will be graded Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory (the first 4 credit hours may be taken for a grade or S/U).

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You may also learn more about RISE by way of our Emory Sociology Peer Mentors, as some of them have enrolled in RISE during previous semesters. Click here to read about our peer mentor program in general, and click here to see the names and email addresses of our peer mentors for the 2018-19 academic year. Feel free to email them with any questions you may have about RISE.