Research in Sociology at Emory (RISE)

Program Description

The Sociology' Department's RISE program provides an opportunity for undergraduates to gain research experience in sociology research projects. The RISE program is a semester long program that pairs qualified undergraduates with either Faculty or Graduate Students (under the supervision of a Faculty member) who need research assistance.

The type of research work required will vary by faculty member or graduate student. Examples of the kind of assistance that may be requested: survey pilot testing assistance; data entry; interview transcription; literature summaries; study participant recruitment.

Course Credit

Undergraduates accepted into this program will receive Sociology course credit for their research work. Typically, there are two options for course credit (one semester):

  1. For 3 credits (as SOC 497R: Directed Research) students will work 9 hours per week.
  2. For 4 credits (as SOC 497R: Directed Research) students will work 12 hours per week.

RISE may be repeated, but any credit hours over the initial 4 will be graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (the first 4 credit hours may be taken for a grade or S/U).

Please see FAQs (at left) to learn more about RISE, as well as our Emory Sociology Peer Mentors.