Faculty/Grad Student Application

Who is eligible?

  • Any Emory Sociology Faculty OR Emory Sociology Graduate Student who would like undergraduate research assistance is eligible. (Graduate Students will be supervised by their Faculty Advisor; so will need Faculty Advisor agreement as well.)
  • Faculty and graduate students in Emory Sociology will be reminded of the potential opportunity for research assistants via a regular RISE Semester Announcement Email.

What to do?

  • Upon her request, please be prepared to submit the following information to Dr. Tracy Scott (tscott@emory.edu): 
    • Description of the project requiring RISE Researcher(s)
    • Summary of the tasks for which assistance is requested
    • Information about the necessary skills needed
    • Specification of the expected number of hours per week needed. It will help to be flexible with this: some students may only be able to work 9 hours per week (vs. 12 hours).

What are the deadlines for requesting RISE students?

  • Deadlines for specific dates will be announced in the RISE Semester Announcement sent prior to each semester.
  • In general, the RISE deadlines for Emory Sociology Faculty and Graduates students are in July for obtaining RISE researchers in the Fall Semester and in December for obtaining RISE Researchers in the Spring Semester.