Major Requirements for students declaring before Fall 2013

The major requires 9 courses (36 hours) in Sociology and a GPA of a 2.0 or higher within the major.
The following 2 courses are required for the major:
SOC 355: Social Research I
SOC 457: Development of Sociological Theory
Majors must take 2 courses from the following group (you may select any two):
SOC 214: Class, Status, and Power
SOC 221: Culture and Society
SOC 245: Individual and Society
SOC 247: Racial and Ethnic Relations
SOC 266: Global Change
The remaining 5 courses are electives. Most sociology courses count as electives, with the following conditions:
No more than 1 course in the general introductory series of SOC 101, SOC 103, and SOC 105 can count as an elective.
No more than 1 course (4 hours) from the SOC 497R-499R series may count as an elective toward the major.
You may take 1 elective S/U. Most students don't do this because it is their major, but it is an option. All other courses must be taken for a letter grade.
Majors who study abroad can take up to 3 of their sociology electives abroad.

Recommended Major Course Plan

Freshman Year: a course in the general introductory series of SOC 101, SOC 103, or SOC 105
Sophomore Year: SOC foundation courses, SOC electives
Junior Year: SOC 355, SOC electives
Senior Year: SOC 457, SOC electives

For a detailed guide to the major please review the Sociology Major Handbook.