Undergraduate Alumni

Where have our recent graduates gone?

Having thousands of Emory Sociology majors & minors, it is not feasible for us to list where each and every one of our alumni went upon graduation. Instead, what we can do is give a sense of some of the places are recent graduates have gone. (We also spotlight a few of our undergraduate alums here).

Many of our majors secure jobs immediately after graduation in the areas of marketing/public relations, computer technology, environmental organizations, investment banking, marketing/public relations, media companies, public health, computer and social services.

Here are some of the organizations our recent graduates have secured positions:

ABT Associates; Aid Atlanta; Americans for Democratic Action in DC; American Express; American Museum of Natural History in NY; Ameri-Corps; Communications 21 (a public relations firm in Atlanta); Cable News Network (CNN); Center for Disease Control & Prevention, Respiratory Diseases Branch (CDC); Cooley Godward LLP in San Francisco, Corporate Projects Coordinator; Creative Loafing; Dekalb Rape Crisis Center, Director of Communications; Epic System Corporation (A leader in the development of software for mid-size and large medical groups, hospitals and integrated healthcare organizations); GVC Financial Services; Ha-Lo Marketing and Promotions; Hands-On Atlanta; Holiday Hospitality; IBM; Inner City Teaching Corps; Intersound Records; Media Rights Capital; MindSpring Enterprises; Ministry of Health in Thailand; National Institute for Community Empowerment; Neiman Marcus; New England Center for Children; Northwest Cable News; Office of Evaluations and Inspections-Health and Human Services in Chicago; PBS Television, Development Department; Radar Finn public relations firm in NY; The Sports Business Daily; Teach for America; Triage Consulting Group (a hospital revenue review consultancy); U.S. Attorney's Office in Litigation Support; WasteCap; White House Intern; Women’s World Banking; and Youth Development Organization

Many of of our recent graduates have also gone to graduate school in the following areas: business, criminal justice, journalism, law, medicine, public health, public policy, and social work. Here is a sampling of the schools recent sociology graduates have attended:

  • Business Schools: Emory University; University of California at Los Angeles; University of Pennsylvania
  • Environmental Policy Programs: University of Michigan
  • Journalism Schools: University of California, Berkeley; Columbia University
  • Law Schools: American University; Columbia University; Emory University; Georgetown University; Loyola New York University; State University of New York, Buffalo; University of Florida; University of Georgia; University of Michigan; University of Miami; University of Pennsylvania; University of Virginia
  • Medical Schools: Medical College of Virginia; Robert Wood Johnson Medical School; Rochester; Tulane University; University of Illinois; University of Pennsylvania
  • Physical Therapy: Emory University
  • Political Management Program: George Washington University
  • Public Policy / Social Policy Schools: Boston University; Duke University; Oxford University; University of Chicago
  • School of Education: Stanford University
  • Schools of Public Health: Emory University; Harvard University, Johns Hopkins;  University of Alabama Birmingham; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; University of South Carolina at Columbia
  • Schools of Social Work: Columbia University; George Warren Brown (for social work and law); University of Pennsylvania

Other of our majors have gone to graduate school, believe it or not, in Sociology. They have attended schools such as Florida State University; Indiana University; Northwestern University; Princeton University; Rutgers University; Stanford University; University of California, Los Angeles; University of Kentucky; University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania; University of San Francisco; and Vanderbilt University.

For those interested in pursuing a PhD in Sociology, please see A Guide for Sociology Majors for Graduate Study. 

Interested in knowing what some of our current seniors have planned? Contact our Peer Mentors to find out more!