Associated, Adjunct, and Emeritus Faculty

Edmund R. Becker; Professor, Rollins School of Public Health

PhD, Vanderbilt University, 1981

Areas: organizational theory and behavior, medical sociology, healthcare organization and policy, unions and labor relations  link to faculty webpage

Vincent Carter; Assistant Director for Evaluation and Survey Research, Office of Institutional Research

PhD, Emory University, 2002

Areas: sociology of education, political sociology, social stratification, organizations

Hannah Cooper; Professor, Rollins School of Public Health 

ScD, 2003, Harvard School of Public Health

Areas: addiction/drug abuse prevention, behavior and health, HIV/AIDS  link to faculty webpage

Solveig Cunningham Argeseanu; Associate Professor, Rollins School of Public Health

PhD, University of Pennsylvania, 2006

Areas: child health, chronic disease, and the implications of social factors for health over the lifespan  link to faculty webpage

Kirk Elifson; Research Professor, Rollins School of Public Health

PhD, Vanderbilt, 1973

Areas: addiction/substance abuse, community based research, HIV/AIDS prevention, risk assessment, quantitative and qualitative methodologies, medical sociology  link to faculty webpage 

Monique Hennink; Associate Professor, Rollins School of Public Health

PhD, University of Southampton, 1997

Areas: adolescent/child health, behavior and health, community based research, global health, HIV/AIDS prevention, sexual health/behavior  link to faculty webpage

Carol Hogue; Professor Emeritus, Rollins School of Public Health

PhD, University of North Carolina, 1973

Areas: long-term effects of induced abortion, epidemiology of preterm delivery, and the impact of pregnancy complications on minority health  link to faculty webpage

Michael Kramer; Associate Professor, Rollins School of Public Health

PhD, Emory University, 2009

Areas: maternal and child health, health disparities, social epidemiology, spatial analysis/GIS  link to faculty webpage

Nancy G. Kutner; Professor, Emory School of Medicine

PhD, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1965

Areas: medical sociology, aging, mental health  link to faculty webpage

Kay L. Levine; Professor of Law, School of Law

JD, University of California-Berkeley

Areas: criminal procedure, criminal law, regulation of sexuality link to faculty webpage

Wesley Longhofer; Associate Professor, Goizueta Business School

PhD, University of Minnesota, 2011

Areas: organizational sociology, global and transnational sociology, nongovernmental organizations, and the environment  link to faculty webpage

Giacomo Negro; Professor, Goizueta School of Business

PhD, Bocconi University, 2004

Areas: organization theory, economic sociology, creative and media industries  link to faculty webpage

Nichole R. Phillips; Associate Professor of Practice & Director of Black Church Studies; Candler School of Theology

PhD, Vanderbilt University, 2012

Areas: community and congregational studies; race, gender, religion and culture; sociology of memory studies; sociology of science and religion  link to faculty webpage

Michael Alan Sacks; Professor in Practice; Goizueta Business School

PhD, Northwestern University, 2001

Areas: negotiation and conflict resolution, leadership development, organizational change, strategic decision-making, social networks  link to faculty webpage

Claire Sterk; President Emeritus, Emory University

PhD, Erasmus University, Rotterdam/City University of New York, 1990

Areas: community-based health-focused prevention interventions; women's health; addiction; health care systems  link to faculty webpage

Paul Root Wolpe; Director, Center for Ethics

PhD, Yale University, 1987

Areas: medical sociology, sociology of bioethics, sociology of science and technology, sociology of religion, sociology of knowledge.  link to faculty webpage


Shailendra Nath BanerjeeCenters for Disease Control and Prevention 

PhD, Emory University, 1982

Areas: demography, medical sociology, statistics

Clark Denny; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

PhD, Emory University, 1986

Areas: demography, Native American health, surveys, cardiovascular disease, alcohol abuse

M.V. George

Ph.D., Australian National University, 1966

Formerly of Statistics Canada, Ottawa, and recently with Global AIDS Program, CDC, Atlanta; currently Adjunct Professor, Department of Global Health, Emory University; and Adjunct Associate, Center for Population Studies, University of Mississippi

Areas: internal and international migration; urbanization; demographic analysis; demographic estimates and projections; Canadian Aboriginal and visible minorities demographic studies; reproductive health, public health issues, and HIV/AIDS trends

Amy Fasula; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

PhD, MPH, Emory University, 2005

Areas: social determinants of sexual health, gender, youth

Frank M. Howell; Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia

PhD, Mississippi State University, 1979

Areas: research methods, demography, environmental sociology, public policy, data visualization

Martin L. Levin; University of Memphis

PhD, The Johns Hopkins University, 1967

Areas: demography, health, methods, statistics

Karin Ann Mack; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

PhD, University of Maryland, 1995

Areas: unintentional injury, aging and life course; demography, family, gender, survey research

James A. Mercy; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

PhD, Emory University, 1982

Areas: interpersonal violence, research methods, public health, policy

Kim Miller; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

PhD, Emory University, 1989

Areas: AIDS, adolescence health risk behaviors, family, ethnic minorities

Graham Scambler; University College of London

PhD, University of London, 1983

Areas: medical sociology, sociological theory

Carlos Siordia; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

PhD, Texas A&M University, 2011

Areas: demography, epidemiology, machine-learning, GIS, poverty, health equity, mental health 

Saswati Sunderam; Georgia Division of Public Health

PhD, Emory University, 1997

Areas: population-based approaches to community health analysis and health assessment

Robert Agnew; Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Sociology

PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1980

Areas: crime and delinquency; causes of crime; general strain theory; criminological theory 

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Delores P. Aldridge; Grace Towns Hamilton Professor of Sociology and African American Studies

PhD, Purdue University, 1971

Areas: African American culture, intergroup relations, race, gender, families, stratification

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John Boli; Professor of Sociology

PhD, Stanford University, 1976

Areas: world culture and international organizations since 1850, Christendom and the origins of transnational culture and organization since 1100, structure and process in the world polity, global civil society and world citizenship

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Alvin Boskoff; Professor of Sociology

PhD, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1950

Areas: sociological theory, comparative urban structures, stratification, social change

Alexander M. Hicks; Professor of Sociology

PhD, University of Wisconsin, 1979

Areas: political sociology, the welfare state, quantitative and historical research methods, and the sociology of culture

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Corey Lee M. Keyes; Professor of Sociology 

PhD, University of Wisconsin, 1995

Areas: mental health and well-being; positive mental health; social psychology; flourishing

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Richard Rubinson; Professor of Sociology

PhD, Stanford University, 1974

Areas: political economy of development, political sociology, sociology of education, organizations, comparative studies of industrial regulation, schooling state & economy in East Asia

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