Ryan Gibson

BA in History, Kennesaw State University, 2014
MA in Sociology, Emory University, 2016
General and Current Research Areas
  • Social Psychology, Medical Sociology, Race and Ethnicity, Quantitative Methods, Stratification, Social Theory
My research is centered around the question of: How does adversity shape who we are? How do structural oppression and interpersonal discrimination shape the social psychology of racial and ethnic groups? In what ways does the relationship between discrimination and identity affect our health? To answer these questions (and many more), I draw on both classical and contemporary social theory and quantitative methodologies, such as path analysis and structural equation modeling, to analyze the links between structural inequalities, social psychology, and health for minority groups in the US.
Curriculum Vitae
Ryan Gibson's CV
  • Dorothy Brown and Ryan Gibson. 2017. “Some Marriages Are More Equal Than Others.”  In The Lost American Dream by Dorothy Brown (in press).