Michael Vaughn

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Advisor and Dissertation Co-Chairs
Irene Browne (Advisor)
Irene Browne (Co-Chair)
Cathryn Johnson (Co-Chair)
BA in Sociology and Psychology, State University of New York at Geneseo, 2012
MA in Sociology, Emory University, 2017
General and Current Research Areas
  • Social Psychology, Culture, Sex and Sexuality, HIV, Identity, Collective Memory
  • Dissertation Title: "Tops, Bottoms, and the Ghost of HIV: An Investigation of the Impact of Collective Memory on the Behavior-Group Identity Relationship Among Gay Men"

My research explores how societal forces, such as collective memory or investment in masculinity, and individual factors, such as identity or sexual behavior, are co-constitutive. My current project focuses on the long-term social impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic on gay men in the United States, with a specific focus on how how gay men draw upon both collective memory as well as their own lived experience to ascribe meaning to and understand their own sexual behavior and sexual identity. I draw on archival, interview, and q-methodology in this project. In addition to this project, I have also conducted qualitative research using podcasts and music videos to better understand the memory/identity connection and hegemonic masculinity as capital, respectively.

Curriculum Vitae
Michael Vaughn's CV
  • Michael Patrick Vaughn. 2018. “Who Killed Cecil Palmer? The Role of Memory in Night Vale’s Self-Narrative Rupture.” Pages 95-107 in From Weather to the Void: Critical Approaches to Welcome to Night Vale, edited by J. A. Weinstock. Palgrave.