Joni-Leigh Webster

BS in Public Health, Rutgers University, 2010
MPH in Health Education & Behavioral Science, Rutgers University, 2016
MA in Sociology, Emory University, 2020
PhD in Sociology, Emory University, 2023 (Anticipated)
General Research Areas:

Health, Inequality, Race and Racism, Mental Health, Social Psychology


“It Could Have Been Me”: Examining the Mental Health Effects of Exposure to Race-Based Trauma on Twitter

Current Research:

My research focus is health and inequality with an emphasis on race and ethnic relations, racism, and mental health.  I have experience conducting psychometric analysis, validating the CES-D scale among rural Bangladeshi women exposed to intimate partner violence.  In conjuction to my interest in scale validation, I am passionate about examining the mental health effects of racism and discrimination on Black people residing in the U.S., with increased concern for intra-ethnic difference.  Through the TADA Fellowship, my dissertation will explore the mental health effects of vicarious trauma from police brutality and vigilantism using Twitter.
Curriculum Vitae:
Joni-Leigh Webster's CV