Jennifer L. Nelson

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Richard Rubinson
BA in Sociology, Columbia University, 2008
MA in Curriculum and Instruction, University of Mississippi, 2010
MA in Sociology, Emory University, 2013
General and Current Research Areas
  • Social Inequality, Education, Organizations, Occupations, and Work
I use mixed methods to study teachers across a variety of school levels and contexts. Specifically, I study turnover, schools as workplaces, work identity, working conditions, and teacher certification, applying theories of job design and organizational demography to these phenomena. My dissertation draws upon original survey, interview, and ethnographic data on a sample of 400 teachers to examine predictors of teacher job satisfaction and turnover (including migrating, role changing, and exiting the profession), and pays particular attention to composition effects in teaching faculties to these work outcomes. In my Master's thesis, I used Qualitative Comparative Analysis to identify and describe pathways to staying and leaving among a group of 40 urban secondary school teachers. With Amanda Lewis, I interviewed a group of 27 preschool teachers about their identity strategies for protecting their dignity at work. In addition to my dissertation, I am currently working on a project a diffusion analysis of alternative teacher certification policies by state.
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