Jennifer Hayward

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Richard Rubinson
BA in Sociology and Psychology, University of Denver, 2013
General Research Areas
Social Psychology, Sociology of Education, Social Inequalities, Qualitative Methodology, Criminology   
Current Research
My research has focused on classroom management skills and the creation of classroom idiocultures. Idiocultures describe systems of shared knowledge, beliefs, feelings, and behaviors that serve as a frame of reference and basis of interaction for individuals. My research identified three main types of classroom idiocultures at the undergraduate level that develop throughout the academic term, and highlighted the elements that make for successful, enjoyable courses, as well as aspects that led to unsuccessful, negative courses.

Currently my research is exploring the conditions under which teacher quality should matter for student achievement at the higher education level. Based on research at the primary and secondary levels of education, most research has shown that qualities like home background and peer effects are more important to student achievement than teacher quality. However, at the undergraduate level, most students have left their home environment and are more impacted by factors like teacher quality and teaching styles. My research aims to establish how we can expect teacher quality to matter for student achievement for undergraduates.  I am also interested in developing and extending my previous research to look at online idiocultures and the ways that they are developed and maintained by students and professors, and how these interactional styles contribute to student learning.