Emily Pingel

Ellen Idler
BA in Anthropology / French, Tufts University, 2003
MPH in Health Behavior Education, University of Michigan, 2009
General and Current Research Areas
  • Social Determinants of Health, Race/Ethnicity, Poverty, Immigration, Health Equity

My research broadly explores how structural and institutional inequalities shape the health and well-being of people living with chronic illness. Through a Fulbright Research Award and a Boren Fellowship, I will conduct 15 months of ethnographic fieldwork in Sao Paulo, Brazil, beginning in September 2018. Through this project, I aim to understand how racism, poverty, and immigration trajectories potentially constrain how families coordinate caregiving across institutions and over the life course. At the same time, I explore the possibility that caregiving may act as a mechanism by which families strengthen bonds and garner social support. 

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