Dimitrios Zaras

 Timothy J. Dowd

BS in Finance, University of Macedonia, 2010

MA in Sociology, University of North Texas, 2015

PhD in Sociology, Emory University, 2022

General Research Areas:
Sociology of Work, Evaluation, Legitimation, Media and Popular Culture
Current Research:
My research focuses on the intersection of the evaluation of cultural products and career trajectories of individuals who work in creative industries. I am interested in how professional critics’ and audiences’ criteria of evaluation change over time and how they are influenced by broader societal shifts. Also, I study how individuals who work in creative industries, film critics in particular, respond to the challenges related to the precarious nature of work in those fields.


Precarious Work and Adaptability in the Creative Industries: The Case of Film Critics


Ellen Idler, John A. Bernau, and Dmitrios Zaras. 2022. "Narratives and Counter-Narratives in Religious to COVID-19: A Computational Text Analysis." PLoS One 17(2). 

Curriculum Vitae:
 Dimitrios Zaras's CV