Sonal Nalkur


Office: 213 Tarbutton Hall



  • PhD in Sociology, Emory University, 2013
  • MA in Sociology of Education, Stanford University, 2005
  • MA in Communication, University of Pennsylvania, 2002
  • MA in English, McMaster University, 2001
  • BA in English, McMaster University, 1999


Sonal Nalkur is a Lecturer in the Department of Sociology at Emory University. She received her PhD in Sociology from Emory University, and MAs from Stanford and the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Nalkur’s research interests focus on criminology, cultural sociology, and the sociology of organizations. Her dissertation work addressed the decline of daily print newspapers in America from 1990-2010, and took a neo-institutionalist approach to understanding the rise of online newspapers.

Having worked for a market research start-up, a non-profit group focused on women’s leadership, and an international school in the Middle East, Dr. Nalkur is also keen to help students bring their training in sociology and research to a wide range of professional environments. 

In addition to helping students learn how to hone their observations of the social world, Dr. Nalkur encourages students to grapple with the deeper educational challenges of finding direction and pursuing justice in what Mary Oliver has called our “one wild and precious life.”