Frank J. Lechner


Office: Tarbutton Hall 214

Phone: 404-727-7530

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  • PhD in Sociology, University of Pittsburgh, 1985
  • MA in Sociology, University of Pittsburgh, 1982
  • Kandidaatsexamen, Sociology, Tilburg University, 1978


Other scholarship


The Globalization Reader (co-edited; 2012)
The Travails of Integration in the Netherlands (2011)
Imagined Communities in the Global Game: Soccer and the Development of Dutch National Identity (Global Networks, 2007)
Redefining National Identity: Dutch Evidence on Global Patterns (International Journal of Comparative Sociology, 2007)


The Search for Fundamentals (co-edited; 2010/1995)
Rational Choice and Religious Economies (2007)
Trajectories of Faith in the Global Age: Classical Theory and Contemporary Evidence (2006)
Religious Rejections of Globalization (2005)
Secularization (2003) (PDF)
Defining Religion: A Pluralistic Approach for the Global Age (2003) (PDF)
The "New Paradigm" in the Sociology of Religion: Comment on Warner (AJS, 1997)
Secularization in the Netherlands? (JSSR, 1996)
The Case against Secularization: A Rebuttal (Social Forces, 1991)
Catholicism and Social Change in the Netherlands: A Case of Radical Secularization? (JSSR, 1989)


Globalization: The Making of World Society, Student Companion Site


I am interested in how globalization affects collective identities. In one current project I study changes in American exceptionalism, viewed as a set of claims about cultural and institutional distinction. In other work I examine various issues in sociological theory, old and new.