Alexander M. Hicks


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  • PhD in Sociology, University of Wisconsin, 1979
  • BA in Sociology, McGill University, 1969


Other Scholarship

IO Errata Notification_Glossary (to Welfare Retrenchment, International Organization 2005) (PDF)

IO Errata and Revisions (to same) (PDF)


My work has been mostly on the politics and economics of social and economic policy in the relatively affluent democracies and has recently expanded to address the politics and economics of social and economic policy in the United States on the one hand and less developed countries on the otherhand. I am author or co-editor of books including Social Democracy and Welfare Capitalism (Cornell, 1999)and The Handbook of Political Sociology (Cambridge 2004), as well as of papers in leading Sociology and Political Science journals, including the American Sociological Review,  the American Journal of Sociology, International Organization and the American Political Science Review, My teaching interests include political sociology, social inequality, comparative and historical sociology and political economy, the welfare state, quantitative and historical research methods, and the sociology of culture (film and literature in particular).