Alice Reznickova

Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellow in Sustainability

Office: Tarbutton 208



  • PhD in Environment & Resources, University of Wisconsin , 2016
  • MS in Physical Chemistry, University of Wisconsin, 2012
  • BA in Chemistry, Smith College, 2010


Alice Reznickova is a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow for Sustainability at Emory University. Alice develops and teaches courses for the Sustainability minor. Drawing on environmental sociology and social psychology scholarship, her courses cover behavior change and sustainable consumption in general. Alice’s other major interest is food, specifically the changes in food systems over the last century and their consequences for human, community, and environmental health. All of her courses are designed to introduce Emory students to local and global issues of sustainability and social justice, as well as become engaged in conversations and actions in their communities.

Alice’s research is located along similar lines of inquiry; specifically, she is interested in human behaviors within sustainable food systems. Her past research examined purchases of local food in disadvantaged neighborhoods in both national studies and in her former home, Madison, Wisconsin; her work was published in Agriculture and Human Values, Appetite, and other interdisciplinary journals. Her current research plan has two directions: (1) inequalities and (2) benefits (other than access to produce) of participation in alternative food systems. In the upcoming year, Alice plans to develop alliances in Atlanta and situate her research within the numerous local food communities.


Social psychology, environmental & food sociology, sustainable food systems, food security, food justice