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Dr. Laura Braden (Graduate Alum of Emory Sociology) Publishes Article in Social Forces - 2016

Laura Braden earned her PhD at Emory University and is currently an Assistant Professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam. She recently published her research on arts collectors and their reputations in the journal, Social Forces. 

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Dr. Robert Agnew Celebrated for His Scholarly Impact in Criminology - 2016

"Robert Agnew, Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Sociology, recently won the American Society of Criminology’s highest honor for his pioneering work on the causes of crime," notes a recent article. As the recipient of the Edwin H. Sutherland Award, he is recognized for the impact of his lifetime of scholarship.

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Dr. Bin Xu to Join Emory Sociology as New Assistant Professor - 2016

Dr. Bin Xu has accepted our offer to become a member of Emory Sociology faculty in the coming academic year. He will arrive as an Assistant Professor in the Fall of 2016, bringing with him his specialization in Culture, China, and Collective Memory.

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Dr. Abigail Sewell Publishes Lead Article in Social Science Research on Ethnoracial Minorities & Physician Trust - 2015

Dr. Abigail Sewell is both an Assistant Professor at Emory Sociology, and for the remainder of the year, a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania. Her new article in Social Science Research is attracting much attention, as it compares levels of physician trust among various ethnoracial groups.

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Sociology Major Lamija Grbic Selected as a John Lewis Fellow - 2015

Lamija Grbic (Sociology major) and two other Emory students have been selected to receive the John Lewis Fellowship, a new human-rights focused educational program launched in partnership with the National Center for Civil and Human Rights (NCCHR) and Humanity in Action (HIA), Inc., an international educational organization.

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Dr. Robert Agnew Wins Sutherland Award - 2015

Dr. Robert Agnew was selected as the winner of the 2015 Edwin H. Sutherland Award of the American Society of Criminology. This award “recognizes outstanding contributions to theory or research in criminology on the etiology of criminal and deviant behavior, the criminal justice system, corrections, law, or justice.”

Dr. Sabino Kornrich Investigates Fairness in Housework - 2015

In countries where men and women share housework more equally, married men are more likely to be unsatisfied with their share of household duties as they report taking on a greater share of household chores, according to a new study in the journal Social Politics by Sabino Kornrich of Emory University and Maureen Eger of Umeå University in Sweden.

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Dr. Sabino Kornrich Discusses Wealthy Parents' Increased Spending on Children during Recession - 2014

While a recession is typically a time when everyone from families to corporations tighten their belts, high-income parents actually increased spending on their children during the Great Recession, according to findings presented at the 2014 American Sociological Association conference by Dr. Sabino Kornrich.

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Dr. Corey Keyes' "Sociology of Happiness" Course & Research inspire Emory Student Committee - 2014

Is academic success compatible with happiness? Although it should be, too often U.S. college students arrive on campus convinced that that they need to "give up their well-being in order to be successful," says Marc Cordon, associate director for Emory's Office of Health Promotion.

For the past three years, Emory's Office of Health Promotion has been laying the groundwork to help reshape that thinking with the development of Flourish Emory, a wide-reaching program that aims to expand definitions of student success, embrace wellness and influence Emory culture. Read about Corey Keyes' influence and involvement with these efforts.

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