Selected Graduate Seminar Syllabi

Emory Sociology faculty are committed to teaching. That commitment includes their eagerness to cover a wide range of topics. While you may find the syllabi for a particular professor on his or her own website, you may also find gathered here the most recent syllabi for graduate seminars taught by our faculty. For each syllabus, you will also see a link to the individual websites of our faculty and a post-doctoral fellow.

We will post the syllabi for Spring 2018 when that semester gets underway. You may see a listing of the Spring 2018 seminars by clicking here.

Applied Regression (SOC 506; Spring 2016) - Sabino Kornrich

Basic Theoretical Problems (SOC 540; Spring 2016) - Frank Lechner

Consumption and Inequality in a Social World (SOC 719; Spring 2017) - Sabino Kornrich

Controlling Crime (SOC 585; Fall 2016) - Robert Agnew

Culture and Social Pscyhology Empirical Research Workshop / CASPER (SOC 563; Spring 2017) - Timothy J. Dowd and Cathryn Johnson

Interaction & Culture in Organizations (SOC 759R; Spring 2017) - Melissa Pirkey (a former Post-Doc at Emory Sociology, who is now a Post-Doc at Cornell University)

Perspectives on Mental Health (SOC 513; Spring 2016) - Corey L.M. Keyes

Qualitative Methods (SOC 5858; Spring 2017) - Cassidy Puckett

Religion and Public Health (SOC 534; Fall 2017) - Ellen Idler

Research Methods and Models: Design (SOC 501; Fall 2017) - Irene Browne

Research Methods and Models: Statistics (SOC 500; Fall 2017) - Jeff Mullis

Second-Year Research Paper Seminar (SOC 590; Spring 2017) - Karen Hegtvedt

Sociology of Culture (SOC 560; Fall 2017) - Timothy J. Dowd

Sociology of Education (SOC 798R; Fall 2017) - Cassidy Puckett

Sociology of Health and Illness (SOC 719R; Fall 2016) - Ellen Idler

Sociology of Mass Media (SOC 562; Fall 2016) - Timothy J. Dowd

Stratification (SOC 515; Fall 2015) - Sabino Kornrich

Structural Aspects of Social Interaction (SOC 552; Spring 2016) - Melissa Pirkey (a former Post-Doc at Emory Sociology, who is now a Post-Doc at Cornell University)

Teaching Sociology (SOC 7767; Fall 2017) - Frank Lechner

Theories of Race and Racism (SOC 759R; Fall 2016) - Abigail Sewell

Theorizing: Theory Construction (SOC 741; Spring 2017) - Bin Xu