Program Requirements

For details, see the Graduate Handbook

A. Required Courses

1. Methods and Statistics

  • SOC 500- Research Methods & Models: Statistics
  • SOC 501- Research Methods & Models: Design
  • SOC 506- Applied Regression
  • A fourth methods course chosen by the student and approved by the student's advisor

2. Theory

  • SOC 540- Basic Theoretical Problems, SOC 741- Theory Construction or SOC 742- Recent Theoretical Orientations

3. Research Seminar

  • SOC 590R- Second-Year Research Paper

4. Teaching Seminar

  • SOC 767- Teaching Sociology

5. At least two substantive courses in preferred area of concentration

B. Research Paper Requirement

  • Completed and approved by the end of the fifth semester in the program
  • Accepted for presentation or publication by beginning of the fourth year

C. Preliminary Examination

  • In major and minor area, by the end of the third year

D. Teaching Training

  • Grad School Workshop (summer after first year)
  • Teaching Assistantship (guest lecture; second year)
  • SOC 767-Teaching Sociology
  • Teaching Associateship (independent or co-teaching;fourth year)

 E. Dissertation

  • Proposal to be defended and approved by June of the fourth year
  • Completed dissertation to be defended and approved by dissertation committee