Graduate Student Alumni

Emory Sociology Ph.D. Alumni (1990 to present)

Maria Amado

  • Dissertation: The Strength of Strong Ties: Mexican Origin Immigrants in the Atlanta Labor Market (2003)
  • Location: Guilford College (Sociology and Anthropology - Associate Professor)

Fikresus Amahazion

  • Dissertation: Human Rights, Epistemic Communities, and World Culture: The Diffusion of Legislation Against the Organ Trade (2015)
  • Location: National College of Arts and Social Sciences Adi-Keih (Research and Teaching )

Rachel Askew

  • Dissertation: Decisions: How Professional Affiliation Shapes Mental Health Trainees' Clinical Judgments and Approach to Care (2010)
  • Location: University of California, San Diego (Psychiatry - Post-doctoral appointment)

Linda Beer

  • Dissertation: Income Inequality and Transnational Corporate Penetration: A Cross-National Analysis, 1975-1995 (2001)
  • Location: Centers for Disease Control (HIV/AIDS)

Franziska Bieri

  • Dissertation: From Conflict Diamonds to the Kimberly Process: How NGOs Reshaped a Global Industry (2008)
  • Location: University of Basel, Switzerland, Senior Researcher

Randy Blazak

  • Dissertation: The Suburbanization of Hate: The Ethnographic Study of American Skinheads (1995)
  • Location: Portland State University (Sociology - Professor)

Jared Bok

  • Dissertation: Religious Organizations Crossing Boundaries: The Centrifugal Expansion of U.S. based Mission Agencies (2016)
  • Location: Assistant Professor, Sociology, University of Nevada, Reno

Anne Borden

  • Dissertation: Making Money, Saving Souls: The Emergence and Evolution of Christian Bookstores in the United States (2006)
  • Location: Western Governers University (Sociology Faculty and Course Mentor)

David Brewington

  • Dissertation: International Associations at the Nexus of Globalization, Religion, and Human Rights (2011)
  • Location: Rehabilitation Institue of Chicago, Quality/Outcomes Analyst, Non-profit Consultant, Purdue University Calumet Adjunct Lecturer

Timothy Brezina

  • Dissertation: Maltreatment and Delinquence: The Question of Intervening Process (1996)
  • Location: Georgia State University (Criminal Justice - Professor)

Leslie Brody

  • Dissertation: On Behalf of Another: Exploring Social Value Orientation and Responses to Social Injustice (2010)
  • Location: State University of New York - Purchase (Sociology - Adjunct Assistant Professor)

B. Clifford Brown

  • Dissertation: Race Relations and Labor Market Conflict: Implications of the 1919 Steel Strike for the Labor Movement and Urban Racial Violence (1996)
  • Location: University of New Hampshire (Sociology - Associate Professor)

John Brueggemann

  • Dissertation: Realizing Solidarity: Comparative Historical Analyses of Inter-Racial Labor Organizing in the Coal, Steel, and Auto Industries, 1927-1941(1994)
  • Location: Skidmore College (Sociology - Professor, Department Chair)

Jacob Bucher

  • Dissertation: The Camouflage Collar: Examining the Causes of Crime Among the Military (2009)
  • Location: Baker University (Assistant Dean of the School of Professional and Graduate Studies)
Monique Carry
  • Dissertation: "In Spite of it all": Resilience, Sexual Identity Acceptance, and Disclosure among Black and Latina Same-sex Attracted Women (2010)
  • Location: Centers for Disease Control (HIV/AIDS Prevention - Public Health Analyst)

Vincent Carter

  • Dissertation: Existence and Persistence: The Effects of Institutional Characteristics on Persistence and Graduate Rates at Four-Year Colleges and Universities (2002)
  • Location: Emory University (Senior Financial Analyst)

Kate Cartwright

  • Dissertation: Investigation of a Paradox of the Latino Paradox: Social Determinants of Health and the Diabetes Desparity (2015)
  • Location: University of New Mexico (Assistant Professor)

Jin Won Chung

  • Dissertation: Policy and Competition-The Development of the Cable Television Industry in the United States (2014)

Richard Clarke

  • Dissertation: Moving up in the Organization: Determinants of Promotion During Organizational Stress (1993)
  • Location: Atlanta Police Department (Management Services - Retired)

Jody Clay-Warner

  • Dissertation: Perceptions of Gender Bias in the Legal System: A Procedural Justice Account (1997)
  • Location: University of Georgia (Sociology - Meigs Professor, Department Head)

James Steven Cleghorn

  • Dissertation: "This Work of Justice:" The Search for Moral Common Ground in the Authority Relations of Work (1995)

Tressie Cottom

  • Dissertation: Becoming Real College in the Financialized Era of U.S. Higher Education: The Expansion and Legitimation of For-Profit Colleges (2015)
  • Location: Virginia Commonwealth University (Assistant Professor)

Carrie Coward Bucher

  • Dissertation: You are What You Hear: The Relationship Among Race, Class, Gender, and Musical Taste (2009).
  • Location: Baker University (Sociology- Assistant Professor, Quest Program Chair, Director of Honors Program).

Oliver Cowart

  • Dissertation: Car Wars: Global Automakers, Entrepreneurial Governance, and the Elision of Labor (2017)
  • Location: Lecturer, Department of Sociology, Oglethorpe University

Charity Crabtree-VanDyck

  • Dissertation: Boundary Work and Legitimating Claims Among Acupuncturists and Physicians (2009).
  • Location: Institute of Aging, San Francisco, CA, Business Systems Analyst

Tomeka Davis

  • Dissertation: Laissez Faire Education Policy: Organization and Equity in School Choice
  • Location: Georgia State University (Sociology - Assistant Professor)

Jill Daugherty

  • Dissertation: The Influence of Procreative Consciousness and Procreative Responsibility (2012)
  • Location: National Center for Health Statistics (Post Doc, Associate Service Fellow)

Nicola Dawkins-Lyn

  • Dissertation: Responses to Partner Abuse: Modeling the Paths to Substance Abuse, Suicide Attempts, and Retaliative Partner Violence (2001).
  • Location: ICF International, Vice President.

Natalie Delia Deckard

  • Dissertation: The Carceral State, System Avoidance and Bare Life: The Effect of State Policy and Policing on the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (2016)
  • Location: Assistant Professor, Sociology, Davidson College, NC

Sascha Demerjian

  • Dissertation: The Wages of Parenthood: At the intersection of Gender, Child Caregiving, and Sexual Orientation (2016)
  • Location: Data Collection Supervisor, Social Development Research Group, Seattle, WA

Clark Denny

  • Dissertation: A Model of the Probability of Survival from Birth (1996).
  • Location: Centers for Disease Control (Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities).

Irem Tuncer-Ebeturk

  • Dissertation: Constructing Global Social Problems: The Case of Child, Early, and Forced Marriage (2017)
  • Location: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Research Unit Global Governance, WZB Berlin Social Science Center

Michael Elliott

  • Dissertation: A Cult of the Individual for a Global Society: The Development and Worldwide Expansion of Human Rights Ideology (2008).
  • Location: Towson University (Sociology - Associate Professor).

Amy Fasula

  • Dissertation: Keeping the Girls "Safe" and Powerless: The Sexual Double Standard and African American Girls' Sexual Risk (2005).
  • Location: Health Scientist, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Division of Reproductive Health).

Alison Faupel

  • Dissertation: The Transformation of the U.S. Feminist Movement, 1910-2005 (2010).
  • Location: Federal Government (Analytical Methodologist).

Kendralin Freeman

  • Dissertation: Poverty, Inequality, and Children's Early Cognitive Skills (2010).
  • Location: Hobart and William Smith Colleges (Sociology - Assistant Professor).

Sarah Friedman

  • Dissertation: Still a "Stalled Revolution"? Young Adults' Work/Family Plans and Experiences (2011).
  • Location: City University of New York (Sociology - Assistant Professor).

Stephanie Funk

  • Dissertation: Risk Assessment for Juveniles on Probation (1997).
  • Location: Hanover College, Indiana (Sociology - Associate Professor)

Selina Gallo-Cruz

  • Dissertation: Have Repertoire, Will Travel: INGO's and the Globalization of Nonviolence (2013)
  • Location: College of the Holy Cross (Assistant Professor)

Natasha Morgan Ganem

  • Dissertation: The Role of Negative Emotion in General Strain Theory (2006).
  • Location: University of Georgia (Sociology - Lecturer).

Belisa González

  • Dissertation: Increasing Collaboration or Conflict: The Role of Shared Status in Cross-Racial Organizing between African American and Mexican American Women in Georgia (2006).
  • Location: Ithaca College (Sociology - Associate Professor).

Kristin Gordon

  • Dissertation: The Policy Behind the Problem: How Educational Reform Impacts the Teaching Environment (2010).
  • Location: Georgia Tech (Sociology - Visiting Assistant Professor).

Kevin Greene

  • Dissertation: The Complex Relationship Between Race, Gender, and Smoking Behavior (2013)
  • Location: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Behavioral Scientist)

Jessica Grosholz

  • Dissertation: Code of the Prison: Inmate Culture and Post-Prison Outcomes in the Era of Mass Incarceration (2015)
  • Location: University of South Florida Sarasota/Manatee (Assistant Professor)

Margaret Hagerman

  • Dissertation: White Kids and Race: An Ethnographic Study of White Racial Socialization, Privilege and the (Re) Production of Racial Ideology in Affluent Families (2014)
  • Location: Mississippi State University (Assistant Professor)

Inny Ham

  • Dissertation: The Effects of Economic Development, Dependence, and World System on Occupational Sex Segregation: A Cross-National Analysis (1991).
  • Location: Ewah Woman's University, South Korea (Sociology).

Alison Heslin

  • Dissertation: Three Meals Away: Crisis and Violence in the Global Food System (2016)
  • Location: International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Vienna, Austria
Cynthia Hewitt
  • Dissertation: Job Segregation, Ethnic Hegemony and Earnings Outcomes among African Americans in Atlanta (1997).
  • Location: Morehouse College (Sociology - Associate Professor).

Cynthia Hinton

  • Dissertation: The Effects of Social Forces on Professionalization: Case Studies of Genetic Counselors and Sickle Cell Counselors (2006).
  • Location: Centers for Disease Control (Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities).

David Hurst

  • Dissertation: The Transformation and Expansion of Higher Education in the United States from the Civil War to the Present (1998).
  • Location: Centers for Disease Control (Public Health Preparedness and Response).

Stuart J. Hysom

  • Dissertation: An Experimental Test of the Theory of Reward Expectations (2004).
  • Location: Assistant Professor, Texas A&M, Passed away 2011.

Alma Idiart

  • Dissertation: Neo-Liberal Experiments, State Reform, and Social Policy in the 1980s and the 1990s: The Cases of Argentina and Chile (2002).
  • Location: National Research Council (CONICIT), Gino Germani Institute in IIGG/UBA Argentina, Assistant Researcher.

Deena Isom

  • Dissertation: Race, Racism, & Crime: An Empirical Assessment of African American Offending (2015)
  • Location: University of South Carolina (Assistant Professor)

Heather Jamerson

  • Dissertation: Wine Tastes: The Role of Service Workers and Consumers in Cultural Production (2010).
  • Location: Rhodes College (Sociology - Assistant Professor).

Diane H. Jones

  • Dissertation: Job Characteristics, Social Support and Their Impact on Perceived Health Status (1992).
  • Location: United States Military Service, Germany (Instructor).

Joanne Kaufman

  • Dissertation: Understanding Race and Violence: Why Life Experiences Matter (2001).
  • Location: University at Albany-SUNY (Sociology - Associate Professor).

Robert Kadel

  • Dissertation: Cultural Capital Advantage?: New Conclusions about Cultural Participation and High School Academic Performance (1998).
  • Location: University of Colorado Denver (Sociology - Adjunct Faculty, Lecturer).

Nikki Khanna

  • Dissertation: Living Life in Black and White: Identity Formation and Negotiation among Black-White Biracial Americans (2007).
  • Location: University of Vermont (Sociology -Associate Professor).

Caitlin Killian

  • Dissertation: Cultural Choices and Identity Negotiation of Muslim Maghrebin Women in France (2001).
  • Location: Drew University (Sociology -Associate Professor).

Anne Kronberg

  • Dissertation: Modes of job entry and career outcomes: How entering a job via hire or promotion affects gender earning and disparities (2015)
  • Location: Goethe-University, Frankfurt (Post Doc, Fellow)

Celeste Lee

  • Dissertation: Portrait of Black Millennials' Understanding of Racial Dynamics in the 21st Century (2015)
  • Location: University of West Georgia (Assistant Professor)

Henry Lee III

  • Dissertation: An Empirical Mathematical Model of the Expectation of Life Function (1998).
  • Location: Southern Company (Financial Analyst).

Richard Lee

  • Dissertation: Unitarian Universalists: Organizational Dilemmas of the Cult of the Individual (1992).
  • Location: Sterling Research Group (Marketing Research - Project Manager).

Suni Lee

  • Dissertation: Power, Outcomes, and Satisfaction in Exchange Relations (1991).
  • Location: Ajou University, South Korea (Sociology - Associate Professor).

Kathleen Liddle

  • Dissertation: A Shop of Our Own: Feminist Bookstores in North America (2006).
  • Location: Univesrity of Toronto at Scarborough (Sociology - Assistant Professor).

Thomas A. Loya

  • Dissertation: Global Prodemocracy Movements (2003).
  • Location: University of Nottingham (Director of University Strategy, Planning and Performance).

Elizabeth Macke

  • Dissertation: Determinants of Contraceptive Use in Belize (1993).
  • Location: Clergy at Peace Episcopal Church, Rockport, IN; Henderson Community College (Sociology - Adjunct Professor).

Michelle Manasse

  • Dissertation: Problems in a Problem-Solving Court? Overcoming Operational Obstacles in a Mental Health Court: An Organization Analysis (2005).
  • Location: Towson University (Sociology - Professor).

Michelle Manno

  • Dissertation: Full Court Press(ure): Negotiating Gender & Sexuality in Women's Collegiate Basketball (2014)
  • Location: University of Illinois Chicago (Fellowship)

Kristen Marsh

  • Dissertation: Compromised Revolution: A Political Economic Explanation of Negotiation (2001).
  • Location: Mary Washington College (Sociology - Associate Professor).

Leslie E. Martin

  • Dissertation: Who are the People in Your Neighborhood: Mobilizing in Response to Gentrification in Atlanta (2003).
  • Location: Mary Washington College (Sociology - Associate Professor).

Mamamelela Matlhako

  • Dissertation: The Effects of Education on Economic Growth in Southern Africa: The Cases of Botswana, South Africa, and Swaziland, 1970-1994 (2001).
  • Location:Executive Director, International Programs, University of Fort Hare, Alice, South Africa. 

Matthew Mathias

  • Dissertation: Individual Sacrality, Human Rights, and Abolition of the Death Penalty (2013)
  • Location: Big Nerd Ranch, ATL (Software Developer and Instructor)

Shelley Matthews-Keith

  • Dissertation: Self-Complexity and Crime: Extending General Strain Theory (2009).
  • Location: Mississippi State University (Sociology - Assistant Professor).

Lisa Meyer

  • Dissertation: International Trade Liberalization and Gender Relations in Labor Markets : A Cross-National Analysis, 1970-1998 (2001).
  • Location: State University of New York - Geneseo (Sociology - Associate Professor).

John M. (Mike) McMullen

  • Dissertation: The Baha'i Faith in Atlanta: On the Religious Construction of a Global Identity (1995).
  • Location: University of Houston-Clear Lake (Sociology - Associate Professor).

Barret Michalec

  • Dissertation: Learning to Cure but Learning to Care? Empathy in Preclinical Medical Education (2009).
  • Location: University of Delaware (Sociology and Criminal Justice - Assistant Professor).

Jennifer Miller-Scher

  • Dissertation: Fathers' Involvement in Infant Care (1997).
  • Location: Rising Stars Productions, Writer, Director, and Producer.

Joya Misra

  • Dissertation: The Emergence of Family Allowance: A Gendered Comparative-Historical Analysis of the Welfare State (1994).
  • Location: University of Massachusetts - Amherst (Sociology - Professor).

Tang Nah Ng

  • Dissertation: The Democratic Transition Model Revisited: World Bank, Debt, Democracy, and Welfare Effort in Neo-Liberal Context (2000).

Sonal Nalkur

  • Dissertation: Moving Newspapers Online: Newspaper Diversification and Visibility 1990-2010 (2014)
  • Location: Emory University (Visiting Assistant Professor)

Nick Nelson-Goedert

  • Dissertation:Capital Gains: A Bourdieusian Map of the United States (2016)
  • Location: Adjunct Professor of Sociology, Miami Dade College, Broward College

 Lisa Norman

  • Dissertation: HIV Prevention among Men Who Have Sex with Men: A Poly-Theoretical Approach (1998).
  • Location: Ponce School of Medicine, Puerto Rico (Sociology - Associate Professor).

Christie Parris

  • Dissertation: From Lobbying to Lockdowns: Tactical Choices among Environmental Justice Organizations (2014)
  • Location: Oberlin College (Assistant Professor)

Thomas Ralph Peters

  • Dissertation: Organizing the Already Organized: The Confrontation between Class Paternalism and Union Transformation (1994).
  • Location: Georgia Highlands College - Floyd campus (Sociology - Associate Professor).

Velina Petrova

  • Dissertation: The Marshall Plan is Dead, Long Live Foreign Aid: The Shape of Foreign Assistance for Development after WWII (2007).
  • Location: Program Assessment and Learning at ChildFund International, Interim Director.

Diogo Pinheiro

  • Dissertation: Risky Business: The Social Construction of Country Risk Ratings (2010).
  • Location: Savannah State University (Sociology - Assistant Professor).

Sharyn Potter

  • Dissertation: A Tale of Two Hospital Types: A Longitudinal Analysis of the Declining Distinction Between For-Profit and Not-for-Profit Hospitals in America (1998).
  • Location: University of New Hampshire (Sociology - Associate Professor, Co-Director of Prevention Innovations).

Brian Powell

  • Dissertation: State and Regional Variation in Scholastic Aptitude Test Performance (1984).
  • Location: Indiana University, Bloomington (Sociology - James H. Rudy Professor, Department Chair).

Caddie Putnam Rankin

  • Dissertation: Giving Back in a Profit-Driven World: Corporate Social Responsibility in the Mutual Fund Industry (2011).
  • Location:University of Maryland Eastern Shore (Sociology - Assistant Professor).

Mohammad Rafi

  • Dissertation: A Longitudinal Study of the Link between Labor Force Participation and Reproductive/Child-Care Behavior of U.S. Women (1992).
  • Location: Berkely Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs, BRAC Senior Research Fellow.

Lauren Rauscher

  • Dissertation: Work Makes Life Sweet?: Employment and Mental Health among Black, White, and Mexican-American Women
  • Location:Robert Morris University, Women's Leadership and Mentorship Program Coordinator.

Cesar Rebellon

  • Dissertation: Status Acquisition and Delinquency : A Theoretical Foundation and Longitudinal Test (2002).
  • Location: University of New Hampshire (Sociology - Associate Professor).

Carolyn Robbins

  • Dissertation: Identifying and Intervening in the Health Lifestyles of African American Preadolescents and Their Parents (2016)
  • Location: Public Health Analyst, Health Resources and Services Administration, Rockville, MD

Anna Rubtsova

  • Dissertation: How to Feed a Baby: Global Processes and Individual Choices (2011).
  • Location: Emory Rollins School of Public Health, Research Assistant Professor.

Melissa Scardaville

  • Dissertation: A Voice In The Room: The Evolution of Economic and Aesthetic Legitimacies of Daytime Soap Operas in the United States, 1930-2009
  • Location: Senior Research Associate, ICF International

Heather Scheuerman

  • Dissertation: Evening the Score: Factors Affecting Criminal Responses to Injustice (2011).
  • Location: Towson University (Sociology - Assistant Professor).

Vaughn Schmutz

  • Dissertation: Social Change and Musical Classification Systems: The US, France, Germany, and the Netherlands, 1955-2005 (2010).
  • Location: University of North Carolina, Charlotte (Sociology - Assistant Professor).

Kay Shaffer

  • Dissertation: Managerial Perceptions of Skills Developed or Enhanced through Volunteer Work (1994).
  • Location: Retired from Georgia State University.

Megan Smith

  • Dissertation: Social Relationships of the Chronically Social Ill (2017)
  • Location: Adjunct Professor of Sociology, Winship University and Adjunct Professor, UNC, Charlotte

Christina R. Steidl

  • Dissertation: Intersectionality, Institutions, & Inequality: STEM Majors and Status (2012)
  • Competition Processes in the U.S. Higher Education System
  • Location: University of Alabama Huntsville - Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology

Sandra Stone

  • Dissertation: Problem-Oriented Policing Approaches to Drug Enforcement: Atlanta as A Case Study (1993).
  • Location: University of South Florida Sarasota Manatee, Regional Chancellor.

Kali-Ahset Amen Strayhorn

  • Dissertation: Black Panama and Globalization in the Neoliberal Era, 1990-2012 (2014)
  • Location: Emory University ( Assistant Director, James Weldon Institite)

Saswati Sunderam

  • Dissertation: The Institutionalization of Gender Stratification in Contemporary Societies: A Case Study of Japan,1960-1990 (1997).
  • Location: Centers for Disease Control (Reproductive Health).

Mike Sweat

  • Dissertation: The Social Construction of Risk: AIDS Knowledge and Risk Perception Among the United States Population (1992).
  • Location: Medical University of South Carolina (Professor and Directory of Family Services Research Center); John's Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (Adjunct Professor).

Kathryn A. Sweeney

  • Dissertation: Negotiating Power: Power, Race and Gender Ideology in Same-Race and Interracial Marriages (2006).
  • Location: Purdue University-Calumet (Sociolgy - Professor).

Yun Tai

  • Dissertation: You Cant Always Get What You Want: Gatekeeping and Social Capital in the Live-Music Scenes of Atlanta and Taipei (2015)
  • Location: UVA Library (CLIR Post Doc/Research Assistant)

Beth Tarasawa

  • Dissertation: Fight or Flight? Immigration, Status Competition, and Language Assistance Resources in Metropolitan Atlanta (2009).
  • Location: Northwest Evaluation Association, Research Scientist.

Sherod Thaxton

  • Dissertation: The Social Geometry of Death: Social Structure and Capital Punishment in Georgia, 1993-2000 (2009).
  • Location: University of California Los Angeles Law School (Assistant Professor).

Sylvia Turner

  • Dissertation: Thy Kingdom Come: the Intersection between King Cotton and Immigration Policy (2010).
  • Location: Emory University (Office of Undergraduate Education - Assistant Director of Academic Services).
Krysia Waldron
  • Dissertation: The Emergence of Pre-Professional Identity (2010).
  • Location: Private Practice, Atlanta, GA (Social and Organizatinal Psychologist).

Ashby Walker

  • Dissertation: Creating gateways to the home circle : food, gender, and domesticity in American magazines (2007).
  • Location: University of Florida College of Medicine Institute for Child Health Policy, Research Assistant Professor.
Michelle Waters
  • Dissertation: The Effects of Marital Disruption on Children: A Review, Update, and an Extension (1995).
  • Location: Applied Sociology in the field of Philanthropy.

Lesley Watson

  • Dissertation: Three Bases of Identity in Global Contex: Transnationalism, Cosmopolitanism and National Identity among International Sojourners
  • Location:  Senior Research Associate, ICF Internationa

Adria Welcher

  • Dissertation: Chasing the Dream: How Black Middle Class Parents Make Educational Decisions for Their Children (2013)
  • Location: Morehouse College (Assistant Professor)

William Winders

  • Dissertation: Welcome to the Free Market : Class Bases of U.S. Agricultural Policy, 1938-1996 (2001).
  • Location: Georgia Insitute of Technology (Sociology, Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies).