Graduate Student Alumni

Emory Sociology PhDs of the 21st Century

Our graduate program provides a thorough training in the rigorous and theoretically-informed analysis of evidence, as well as in the clear presenation of such research.

This prepares our graduate students, in turn, for careers within and beyond academia.

Indeed, as seen below, those who have earned their PhDs from Emory Sociology this century have gone on to work in research universities, teaching colleges, and applied research.

2022 Degrees

Kemal Budak

  • Dissertation: It Taskes a Village to Raise a Child: The Religious Socialization of Muslim Immigrant Children
  • Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Sociology; Emory University

Tricia Lewis 

  • Dissertation: Locked Out: Women's Housing Insecurity in a Hostile Social Environment
  • Position: Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Health Sciences, Sacred Heart University
Dimitrios Zaras
  • Dissertation: Precariousness and Adaptability in Creative Industries: The Case of Film Critics
  • Position: Data Scientist; Tennessee Department of Health


2021 Degrees

Elizabeth Alexander

  • Dissertation: Colorblind Ideology, Racial Prejudice and Nonresponse in Social Surveys
  • Position: Assistant Director of the National Scholarships and Fellowships Program; Emory University

Emily Pingel

  • Dissertation: Primary Care and the Reproduction of Health Inequity in a Central São Paulo Neighborhood
  • Position: Communications Specialist, Division of HIV / AIDS Prevention; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
John Pothen
  • Dissertation: Gentrification, Aging in Place, and Social Networks
  • Position: MD Student, Emory School of Medicine (Completion of Joint MD/PhD Program)

Katharine Tatum 

  • Dissertation: Sexual Stigma, Minority Stress & Mental Health among Sexual Minority Women and Men across Asia and the Pacific
  • Position: Behavioral Scientist / Scientific Data Analysis, Northrop Grumman, Contractor for Surveillance, Epidemiology, and Outbreak Investivations Branch, Division of Disease Control and Prevention; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

2020 Degrees

Ryan Gibson

  • Dissertation: Closure Ideology among Asian Americans: Three Studies on Group Threat, Ideology, and Mental Illness
  • Position: Assistant Professor, Sociology; University of New Hampshire

Jennifer Hayward

  • Dissertation: Improving Undergraduate STEM Education through Hospitableness, Justice, Status, and Identity
  • Position: Analytics Specialist; Delta Airlines
Ximena Leroux
  • Dissertation: Cigarette Smoking among White and Hispanic Adolescents: Immigrant Assimilation and the Social Causes of Delinquincy
  • Position: Private Consultant

Stephanie Miedema

  • Dissertation: Sexual Stigma, Minority Stress & Mental Health among Sexual Minority Women and Men across Asia and the Pacific
  • Position: Behavioral Scientist, Division of Violence Prevention; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Ju Hyun Park

  • Dissertation: Gender adn Networks of Success: The Case of Classical and Film Composers
  • Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Sociology; Emory University

Allison Roberts

  • Dissertation: Selling Health: The Role of Religion and Innovation in Healthcare
  • Position: Quantitative Research Manager; athenahealth

Michael Vaughn

  • Dissertation: Tops, Bottoms, and the Ghost of HIV: An Investigation of the Impact of Collective Memory on the Behavior-Group Identity Relationship among Gay Men
  • Position: Post-Doctoral Fellow, HIV Center, Division of Gender, Sexuality, and Health; Columiba University

2019 Degrees

John Bernau

  • Dissertation: Talk of Death: American Discourse in Three Spheres
  • Position: Post-Doctoral Fellow, Emory Center for the Study of Law and Religion; Emory University

Joon Chung

  • Dissertation: Sleep: Studies in Sociology and Machine Learning
  • Position: Post-Doctoral Fellow, Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School; Harvard University
Trent Ryan
  • Dissertation: Dynamics and Geographical Diffusion in the Global Metal Music Network
  • Position: Lead Consultant at SW Analytics

2018 Degrees

 Chris C. Martin

  • Dissertation: Three Studies of Psychopathology and Distress among Privileged Groups
  • Position: Visiting Asssitant Professor, Oglethorpe University

Marisela Martinez-Cola

  • Dissertation: The Bricks Before Brown v. Board of Education: A Comparative, Historical Study of Race, Class, and Gender in Chinese American, Native American, and Mexican American School Desegregation Cases, 1885-1947
  • Position: Assistant Professor, Sociology; Morehouse College

Jennifer L. Nelson

  • Dissertation: Nonsymmetrical Effects of Racial Diversity on Organizational Minority Members: Evidence from the Teaching Profession
  • Position: Assistant Professor, Education Policy, Organization, and Leadership; University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Daniel Semenza

  • Dissertation: Delinquency and the Digital Domain: The Influence of Online Activities and Victimization Experiences on Offline Crime and Cyber Aggression among Adolescents
  • Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice; Rutgers University, Camden

2017 Degrees

Sara Ashlee Bledsoe

  • Dissertation: Walk the Line: The Role of Legitimacy, Gender, and Race in the Cultural Consecration of the Country Music and Rock and Roll Halls of Fame
  • Position: Researcher, Texas Department of State Health Services

Oliver Cowart

  • Dissertation: Car Wars: Global Automakers, Entrepreneurial Governance, and the Elision of Labor
  • Position: Teacher, Social Sciences and Writing; Mount Vernon School

Irem Tuncer-Ebeturk

  • Dissertation: Constructing Global Social Problems: The Case of Child, Early, and Forced Marriage
  • Position: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Research Unit Global Governance; WZB Berlin Social Science Center

Megan Smith

  • Dissertation: Social Relationships of the Chronically Social Ill
  • Position: Adjunct Lecturer, Sociology; University of North Carolina at Charlotte

2016 Degrees

Jared Bok

  • Dissertation: Religious Organizations Crossing Boundaries: The Centrifugal Expansion of U.S. Based Mission Agencies
  • Position: Assistant Professor, Sociology; University of Nevada, Reno

Natalie Delia Deckard

  • Dissertation: The Carceral State, System Avoidance and Bare Life: The Effect of State Policy and Policing on the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children 
  • Position: Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology; University of Windsor
Sascha Demerjian
  • Dissertation: The Wages of Parenthood: At the Intersection of Gender, Child Caregiving, and Sexual Orientation 
  • Position: CoFounder; The Portland Grief House

Alison Heslin

  • Dissertation: Three Meals Away: Crisis and Violence in the Global Food System 
  • Position: Assistant Director, Commercial Real Estate Reseearch; Moody Analytics
Nicholaus Nelson-Goedert
  • Dissertation: Capital Gains: A Bourdieusian Map of the United States
  • Position: Founder and CEO; East African Technology Corporation

Carolyn Robbins

  • Dissertation: Identifying and Intervening in the Health Lifestyles of African American Preadolescents and Their Parents 
  • Position: Health Analyst; Health Resources and Services Administration

2015 Degrees

Fikresus Amahazion

  • Dissertation: Human Rights, Epistemic Communities, and World Culture: The Diffusion of Legislation Against the Organ Trade
  • Position: Researcher & Teacher; National College of Arts and Social Sciences Adi-Keih, Eritrea

Kate Cartwright

  • Dissertation: Social Determinants of Health and Prevalence of Diabetes in Latino Immigrants
  • Position: Associate Professor, School of Public Administration; University of New Mexico

Tressie M. Cottom

  • Dissertation: Becoming Real Colleges in the Financialized Era of U.S. Higher Education: The Expansion and Legitimation of For-Profit Colleges
  • Position: Associate Professor, School of Information and Library Sciences; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Jessica Grosholz

  • Dissertation: Code of the Prison: Inmate Culture and Post-Prison Outcomes in the Era of Mass Incarceration
  • Position: Associate Professor, Criminology; University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee 

Deena Isom

  • Dissertation: Race, Racism, & Crime: An Empirical Assessment of African American Offending
  • Position: Associate Professor, Criminology & Criminal Justice and African American Studies Program; University of South Carolina

Anne Kronberg

  • Dissertation: Modes of Job Entry and Career Outcomes: How Entering a Job via Hire or Promotion Affects Gender Earning and Disparities 
  • Position: Assistant Professor, Sociology; University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Celeste Lee

  • Dissertation: Portrait of Black Millennials' Understanding of Racial Dynamics in the 21st Century
  • Position: Assistant Professor, Sociology; University of West Georgia

Yun Tai

  • Dissertation: You Can't Always Get What You Want: Gatekeeping and Social Capital in the Live-Music Scenes of Atlanta and Taipei 
  • Position: Assistant Professor, Communication; Tamkang University

2014 Degrees

Jin Won Chung

  • Dissertation: Policy and Competition: The Development of the Cable Television Industry in the United States 
  • Position: Instructor, Sociology; Catholic University of Korea

Margaret Hagerman

  • Dissertation: White Kids and Race: An Ethnographic Study of White Racial Socialization, Privilege and the (Re)Production of Racial Ideology in Affluent Families 
  • Position: Associate Professor, Sociology; Mississippi State University

Michelle Manno

  • Dissertation: Full Court Press(ure): Negotiating Gender & Sexuality in Women's Collegiate Basketball
  • Position: Assistant Provost for Diversity & Inclusion; Northwestern University

Sonal Nalkur

  • Dissertation: Moving Newspapers Online: Newspaper Diversification and Visibility 1990-2010 
  • Position: Lecture-Track Faculty, Sociology; Emory University

Christie Parris

  • Dissertation: From Lobbying to Lockdowns: Tactical Choices among Environmental Justice Organizations
  • Position: Associate Professor, Sociology; Oberlin College & Conservatory

Kali-Ahset Amen Strayhorn

  • Dissertation: Black Panama and Globalization in the Neoliberal Era, 1990-2012 
  • Position: Assistant Research Professor of Sociology and Associate Director of the Billie Holiday Center for Liberation Arts; Johns Hopkins Unviersity

Lesley Watson

  • Dissertation: Three Bases of Identity in Global Contex: Transnationalism, Cosmopolitanism and National Identity among International Sojourners
  • Position: Senior Research Scientist, Public Health Department; National Opinion Research Center (NORC)

2013 Degrees

Gianluca De Fazio

  • Dissertation: Political Radicalization in the Making: The Civil Rights Movement in Northern Ireland, 1968-1972
  • Position: Associate Professor, Justice Studies; James Madison University

Selina Gallo-Cruz

  • Dissertation: Have Repertoire, Will Travel: INGOs and the Globalization of Nonviolence
  • Position: Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology; College of the Holy Cross

Kevin Greene

  • Dissertation: The Complex Relationship Between Race, Gender, and Smoking Behavior
  • Position: Regional Public Health Analyst; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Matthew Mathias

  • Dissertation: Individual Sacrality, Human Rights, and Abolition of the Death Penalty
  • Position: Software Engineer; Google

Adria Welcher

  • Dissertation: Chasing the Dream: How Black Middle Class Parents Make Educational Decisions for Their Children 
  • Position: Associate Professor, Sociology; Morehouse College

2012 Degrees

Jill Daugherty

  • Dissertation: The Influence of Procreative Consciousness and Procreative Responsibility
  • Position: Senior Service Fellow, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Christina Steidl

  • Dissertation: Intersectionality, Institutions, & Inequality: STEM Majors and Status Competition Processes in the U.S. Higher Education System
  • Position: Associate Professor, Sociology; University of Alabama in Huntsville

2011 Degrees

Laura Braden

  • Dissertation: The Persistence of Memory: The Consecration of Artists in the US Field of Modern Art
  • Position: Assistant Professor, Arts & Culture Studies; Erasmus University Rotterdam

David Brewington

  • Dissertation: International Associations at the Nexus of Globalization, Religion, and Human Rights
  • Position: Enterprise Data Analytics Manager; Shirley Ryan AbilityLab

Sarah Friedman

  • Dissertation: Still a "Stalled Revolution"? Young Adults' Work/Family Plans and Experiences 
  • Position: Lecturer, Sociology; Georgia State University

Caddie Putnam Rankin

  • Dissertation: Giving Back in a Profit-Driven World: Corporate Social Responsibility in the Mutual Fund Industry
  • Position: Associate Professor, Business Management; Washington College

Anna Rubtsova

  • Dissertation: How to Feed a Baby: Global Processes and Individual Choices 
  • Position: Research Assistant Professor, Rollins School of Public Health; Emory University

Melissa Scardaville

  • Dissertation: A Voice In The Room: The Evolution of Economic and Aesthetic Legitimacies of Daytime Soap Operas in the United States, 1930-2009
  • Position: Senior Researcher & Qualitative Methodologist; American Institutes for Research

Heather Scheuerman

  • Dissertation: Evening the Score: Factors Affecting Criminal Responses to Injustice
  • Position: Associate Professor, Justice Studies; James Madison University

2010 Degrees

Rachel Askew

  • Dissertation: Decisions, Decisions: How Professional Affiliation Shapes Mental Health Trainees' Clinical Judgments and Approach to Care 
  • Initial Position: Postdoctoral Fellow; Psychiatry; University of California, San Diego

Leslie Brody

  • Dissertation: On Behalf of Another: Exploring Social Value Orientation and Responses to Social Injustice 
  • Position: Program Manager; Google

Monique Carry

  • Dissertation: "In Spite of It All": Resilience, Sexual Identity Acceptance, and Disclosure among Black and Latina Same-Sex Attracted Women 
  • Position: Senior Communications Advisor, Global HIV Prevention; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Alison Faupel

  • Dissertation: The Transformation of the U.S. Feminist Movement, 1910-2005 
  • Position: Analytical Methodologist; United States Federal Government

Kendralin Freeman

  • Dissertation: Poverty, Inequality, and Children's Early Cognitive Skills
  • Position: Associate Professor, Anthropology and Sociology; Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Kristin Gordon

  • Dissertation: The Policy Behind the Problem: How Educational Reform Impacts the Teaching Environment 
  • Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, School of History and Sociology; Georgia Tech

Heather Jamerson

  • Dissertation: Wine Tastes: The Role of Service Workers and Consumers in Cultural Production 
  • Position: Social Impact Consultant; Innovate Memphis

Diogo Pinheiro

  • Dissertation: Risky Business: The Social Construction of Country Risk Ratings
  • Position: Associate Professor, Sociology; University of North Georgia

Vaughn Schmutz

  • Dissertation: Social Change and Musical Classification Systems: The US, France, Germany, and the Netherlands, 1955-2005
  • Position: Associate Professor, Sociology; University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Sylvia Turner

  • Dissertation: Thy Kingdom Come: the Intersection between King Cotton and Immigration Policy
  • Position: Director, TRIO Student Support Services Program; Maryville College

Krysia Waldron

  • Dissertation: The Emergence of Pre-Professional Identity
  • Position: Leadership Coach and Organizational Psychologist; Private Practice

2009 Degrees

Jacob Bucher

  • Dissertation: The Camouflage Collar: Examining the Causes of Crime Among the Military 
  • Position: Founding Dean, College of Applied Social Sciences; Dominican University

Carrie Coward Bucher

  • Dissertation: You Are What You Hear: The Relationship Among Race, Class, Gender, and Musical Taste 
  • Position: Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice; Elmhurst University

Charity Crabtree Van Dyck

  • Dissertation: Boundary Work and Legitimating Claims Among Acupuncturists and Physicians
  • Position: Administrative Coordinator; Durham Center for Senior Life

Shelley Keith

  • Dissertation: Self-Complexity and Crime: Extending General Strain Theory
  • Position: Associate Professor, Criminology and Criminal Justice; University of Memphis

Barret Michalec

  • Dissertation: Learning to Cure but Learning to Care? Empathy in Preclinical Medical Education
  • Position: Associate Professor, Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation, and Director, Center for Advancing Interprofessional Practice; Arizona State University

Aristide Sechanidice

  • Dissertation: To Look Like a Modern Ruler: Diffusion of Fashion among State Elites
  • Position: Professor, Sociology; Tri-County Technical College

Beth Tarasawa

  • Dissertation: Fight or Flight? Immigration, Status Competition, and Language Assistance Resources in Metropolitan Atlanta
  • Position: Executive Vice President, Research; Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA)

Sherod Thaxton

  • Dissertation: The Social Geometry of Death: Social Structure and Capital Punishment in Georgia, 1993-2000 
  • Position: Professor; School of Law, and Faculty Director, David J. Epstein Program in Public Interest Law and Policy; University of California Los Angeles

2008 Degrees

Franziska Bieri

  • Dissertation: From Conflict Diamonds to the Kimberly Process: How NGOs Reshaped a Global Industry
  • Position: Faculty; University of Maryland Global Campus and Indiana Institute of Technology

Tomeka Davis

  • Dissertation: Laissez Faire Education Policy: Organization and Equity in School Choice
  • Position: Associate Professor, Sociology; Georgia State University

Michael Elliott

  • Dissertation: A Cult of the Individual for a Global Society: The Development and Worldwide Expansion of Human Rights Ideology
  • Position: Professor; Sociology, Anthropology & Criminal Justice; Towson University

2007 Degrees

Nikki Khanna

  • Dissertation: Living Life in Black and White: Identity Formation and Negotiation among Black-White Biracial Americans 
  • Position: Professor, Sociology; University of Vermont

Velina Petrova

  • Dissertation: The Marshall Plan is Dead, Long Live Foreign Aid: The Shape of Foreign Assistance for Development after WWII
  • Position: Knowledge for Impact Director; Oxfam International

Ashby Walker

  • Dissertation: Creating Gateways to the Home Circle: Food, Gender, and Domesticity in American Magazines 
  • Position: Assistant Professor, Health Services Research, Management & Policy, and Director for Health Equity Initiatives, UF Diabetes Institute; University of Florida

2006 Degrees

Anne Borden

  • Dissertation: Making Money, Saving Souls: The Emergence and Evolution of Christian Bookstores in the United States
  • Position: Senior Instructor and Sociology Faculty; Western Governors University

Belisa González

  • Dissertation: Increasing Collaboration or Conflict: The Role of Shared Status in Cross-Racial Organizing between African American and Mexican American Women in Georgia
  • Position: Associate Professor, Sociology and Director, Center for the Study of Culture Race and Ethnicity; Ithaca College

Cynthia Hinton

  • Dissertation: The Effects of Social Forces on Professionalization: Case Studies of Genetic Counselors and Sickle Cell Counselors
  • Position: Researcher, Division of Laboratory Sciences; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Kathleen Liddle

  • Dissertation: A Shop of Our Own: Feminist Bookstores in North America 
  • Position: Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Sociology; University of Toronto at Scarborough

Natasha Morgan Ganem

  • Dissertation: The Role of Negative Emotion in General Strain Theory
  • Location: Founder and Principal Consultant; Lion Leadership

Lauren Rauscher

  • Dissertation: Work Makes Life Sweet?: Employment and Mental Health among Black, White, and Mexican-American Women
  • Position: Senior Advisor, Institutional Relations; American Heart Association

Kathryn Sweeney

  • Dissertation: Negotiating Power: Power, Race and Gender Ideology in Same-Race and Interracial Marriages
  • Position: Associate Professor, Behavioral Sciences; Purdue University Northwest

2005 Degrees

Amy Fasula

  • Dissertation: Keeping the Girls "Safe" and Powerless: The Sexual Double Standard and African American Girls' Sexual Risk 
  • Position: Behavioral Scientist, Division of Reproductive Health; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Michelle Manasse

  • Dissertation: Problems in a Problem-Solving Court? Overcoming Operational Obstacles in a Mental Health Court: An Organization Analysis
  • Position: Professor, Sociology, Anthropology & Criminal Justice; Towson University

2004 Degrees

Stuart Hysom

  • Dissertation: An Experimental Test of the Theory of Reward Expectations
  • Position: Assistant Professor, Sociology; Texas A&M

Stuart Hysom passed away in 2011.

2003 Degrees

Maria Amado

  • Dissertation: The Strength of Strong Ties: Mexican Origin Immigrants in the Atlanta Labor Market 
  • Location: Lincoln Financial Professor of Sociology and Anthropology; Guilford College

Thomas Loya

  • Dissertation: Global Prodemocracy Movements
  • Position: Director and Lead Consultant; Thomas Loya Consulting Ltd

Leslie Martin

  • Dissertation: Who are the People in Your Neighborhood? Mobilizing in Response to Gentrification in Atlanta 
  • Position: Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology; Mary Washington College

2002 Degrees

Vincent Carter

  • Dissertation: Existence and Persistence: The Effects of Institutional Characteristics on Persistence and Graduate Rates at Four-Year Colleges and Universities 
  • Position: Assistant Director for Evaluation and Survey Research, Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness; Emory University

Alma Idiart

  • Dissertation: Neo-Liberal Experiments, State Reform, and Social Policy in the 1980s and the 1990s: The Cases of Argentina and Chile 
  • Position: Assistant Researcher; National Research Council (CONICIT), Gino Germani Institute in IIGG/UBA Argentina

Cesar Rebellon

  • Dissertation: Status Acquisition and Delinquency: A Theoretical Foundation and Longitudinal Test
  • Position: Professor, Criminology, Law and Society; George Mason University

2001 Degrees

Linda Beer

  • Dissertation: Income Inequality and Transnational Corporate Penetration: A Cross-National Analysis, 1975-1995 
  • Position: Epidemiologist, Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention, Surveillance and Epidemiology; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Nicola Dawkins-Lyn

  • Dissertation: Responses to Partner Abuse: Modeling the Paths to Substance Abuse, Suicide Attempts, and Retaliative Partner Violence
  • Position: Vice President and Senior Partner for Social Marketing; ICF International

Joanne Kaufman

  • Dissertation: Understanding Race and Violence: Why Life Experiences Matter
  • Position: Associate Professor, Sociology and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; University at Albany-SUNY

Caitlin Killian

  • Dissertation: Cultural Choices and Identity Negotiation of Muslim Maghrebin Women in France
  • Position: Professor, Sociology; Drew University

Kristin Marsh

  • Dissertation: Compromised Revolution: A Political Economic Explanation of Negotiation
  • Position: Professor, Sociology and Anthropology; University of Mary Washington

Mamamelela Matlhako

  • Dissertation: The Effects of Education on Economic Growth in Southern Africa: The Cases of Botswana, South Africa, and Swaziland, 1970-1994 (2001).
  • Position: Director of Post-Graduate Studies; University of Fort Hare, Alice, South Africa 

Lisa Meyer

  • Dissertation: International Trade Liberalization and Gender Relations in Labor Markets: A Cross-National Analysis, 1970-1998
  • Position: Associate Professor, Sociology; SUNY Geneseo

William Winders

  • Dissertation: Welcome to the Free Market: Class Bases of U.S. Agricultural Policy, 1938-1996 
  • Location: Professor, School of History and Sociology; Georgia Tech

2000 Degrees

Tang Nah Ng

Dissertation: The Democratic Transition Model Revisited: World Bank, Debt, Democracy, and Welfare Effort in Neo-Liberal Context