Our Recent Faculty Searches: A Recap

Emory Sociology conducted two faculty searches during the 2017-18 academic year. The first was for an Assistant Professor specializing in the "Sociology of Race" (a tenure-track position). We are pleased to report that Dr. Angela Dixon of Princeton University has accepted this position. The second was for a Lecturer specializing in "Criminology" (a lecture-track position). We are pleased to report that Dr. Sonal Nalkur of Emory University accepted that position.

During this academic year, Emory Sociology also cooperated closely with our colleagues in African American Study on a search for an Assistant Professor (Social Sciences) specializing in the "Political Economy of Race" (a tenure-track position). We are pleased to report that two scholars accepted offers for this position, Dr. Janeria Easley of Princeton University and Dr. Jessica Stewart of UCLA. 

Dr. Nalkur will commence as a Lecturer in the coming academic year, 2018-19. Dr. Easley and Dr. Stewart will arrive on campus in 2019-2020 following completion of their respective post-docs, and Dr. Angela Dixon will arrive in 2020-2021 following the completion of her post-doc.  

These searches come at a dynamic time in Emory Sociology. Indeed, with these hires, Emory Sociology have added seven new faculty members to our ranks in the past six years, while also adding two colleagues in African American Studies. These searches also resonate with substantive shifts occurring in Emory Sociology in terms of teaching and research. Given our collective emphasis on race and crime (both within Emory Sociology and with our colleagues elsewhere on campus), we are extremely enthusiastic about these new positions and the intellectual synergies that they will create within our department and on our campus. 

We will not be conducting a search of our own in the coming academic year (2018-2019), but we will be cooperating with other searches -- including another search in African American Studies. 

However, we will likely conduct a search for Emory Sociology in the following academic year (2019-2020).