Constructing World Culture

International Non-Governmental Organizations Since 1875

John Boli and George M. Thomas, eds.

Stanford University Press
Copyright 1999

This book studies the emergence and organization of global culture since 1875, with chapters on a variety of global domains that show the impact of international non-governmental organizations on states, national societies, and social movements. It is the first comprehensive study covering the entire history of international non-governmental organizations, developing a systematic and coherent theory of INGOs as reflections of world culture and as arenas in which world culture develops and expands. The book thereby breaks new ground in theorizing about global development. The chapters present detailed studies of a variety of INGO sectors, ranging from such familiar domains as environmentalism and the women's movement to largely neglected domains like population policy, technical standardization, international development, and science. By showing how INGOs activate rational voluntaristic authority to influence intergovernmental organizations, states, and other global actors, the book strongly challenges existing theories of global development and change, including world-system theory, neo-realism, neo-liberal institutionalism, and state-competition theory.

Table of Contents



John Boli and George M. Thomas

Part I. International Nongovernmental Organizations in the World Polity

Chapter 1

INGOs and the Organization of World Culture

John Boli, George M. Thomas

Chapter 2

National Participation in World-Polity Organization

John Boli, Thomas A. Loya, Teresa Loftin

Part II. Social Movement Sectors

Chapter 3

The Rationalization and Organization of Nature in World Culture

David John Frank, Ann Hironaka, John W. Meyer, Evan Schofer, Nancy Brandon Tuma

Chapter 4

The Emergence and Transformation of the International Women's Movement

Nitza Berkovitch

Chapter 5

Constructing a Global Identity: The Role of Esperanto

Young S. Kim

Chapter 6

Rules of War and Wars of Rules: The International Red Cross and the Restraint of State Violence

Martha Finnemore

Part III. Technical, Scientific, and Development Sectors

Chapter 7

Standardization in the World Polity: Technical Rationality Over Power

Thomas A. Loya, John Boli

Chapter 8

Population Control for National Development: From World Discourse to National Policies

Deborah Barrett, David John Frank

Chapter 9

Development INGOs

Colette Chabbott

Chapter 10

Science Association in the International Sphere 1875-1990: The Rationalization of Science and the Scientization of Society

Evan Schofer

Conclusion: World Authority Structures and Legitimations

John Boli

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