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Three types of organizations are active in world affairs:

The links provided here constitute only a sample of currently available web resources. This set is not exhaustive. It is intended to illustrate the wide variety of international organizations and offer easy access to their online material. It includes links to the sites of many prominent organizations, but we welcome suggestions for others to incorporate.

These links connect to three kinds of sites:

  • general sites with links to and information on whole categories of organizations
  • sites maintained by or devoted to a single organization
  • sites containing various kinds of resources, analysis, and commentary

The premier general site for information on IGOs and INGOs, with portions of the authoritative Yearbook of International Organizations and extensive information about relevant issues, is:

UIA Union of International Associations

Organizations links are listed on separate pages as follows:

  1. IGOs
  2. INGOs
  3. MNCs
  4. Resources

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