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Organizations, Institutes, and Projects

These links connect to some of the many academic, policy, and advocacy organizations now devoted to the analysis and critique of globalization. For links to issue-specific NGOs, go to this site's page on Organizations.

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Global Policy Program examines democracy and the rule of law, economic reform and inequality, the information revolution, and the role of the private sector.

Commission on Global Governance

Group of 28 leaders concerned about building better global institutions; the site contains their major 1995 report, Our Global Neighbourhood.

Fernand Braudel Center

Center at SUNY Binghamton for the study of large-scale, long-term change; the site offers papers by leading figures in world-system theory.

Globalization Studies

Homepage of Ruud Lubbers, Professor of Globalization at Tilburg University and former prime minister of the Netherlands; contains a globalization lexicon.

Global Policy Forum

Institute focusing on policy-making at the UN; areas include security and governance.

Global Solidarity Dialogue

Site devoted to the study and strategy of radical-democratic movements opposed to capitalist globalization.

Global Trade Watch

Division of Public Citizen, an advocacy group seeking accountability and justice in the world economy


Tilburg University (Netherlands) Institute for Globalization and Sustainable Development focusing on governance, ecology, legal development, and civil society.

Institute on Globalization and the Human Condition

McMaster University (Canada) center studying issues in globalization, including epistemology, identity, and citizenship.

International Forum on Globalization

Group seeking to reverse globalization for the sake of global equity, democracy, and diversity; concerns include free trade, ecology, and food.


International network of groups devoted to sustainable development and human rights; the site includes news, perspectives, and campaign information.

Research Foundation for Science, Technology & Ecology

Indian ecofeminist research and advocacy organization devoted to sustainable agriculture and grassroots biodiversity conservation; also focuses on trade and intellectual property rights.

TCS Virtual Institute for Global Culture

Nottingham University (UK) Theory, Culture, and Society Centre venture (under construction) for analysis and dissemination of global culture.

Turning Point Project

Coalition publicizing opposition to current globalization via ads in the New York Times; topics include the extinction crisis, genetic engineering, and economic globalization.

World Policy Institute

New School institute offering research and public education on issues such as the arms trade, emerging powers, and American foreign policy.

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