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1. Countries

CIA World Factbook with regional maps and profiles of all countries.

Eldis Country profiles, focus on information related to development.

Eurostat Statistics on European Union countries.

OECD Economic, social, and infrastructure data on industrialized countries.

UNCIJN International crime-related statistics and survey data.

UNICEF Country profiles and children-related information (various sources).

US Census Bureau Demographic and socioeconomic data for 227 countries.

WomenWatch UN statistics and indicators on women; summary of findings in major report.

World Bank World Development Indicators for 206 countries.

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2. Culture

UVA Information and resources on religious movements (U.S. and international).

World Values Survey Some data and analysis from survey of public beliefs, 66 countries.

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3. Development

Eldis Gateway to development information.

World Bank Links to World Bank development data and reports.

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4. Economics

Handbook of International Economic Statistics, 1998 World, regional, and country data.

IMF IMF research and links to World Economic Outlook.

Penn World Tables Economic data on 152 countries, 1950-1992.

US-Foreign Trade Comprehensive statistics on U.S. foreign trade.

Yardeni/Oak Associates, Ltd. Current economic indicators and analysis.

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5. Education

NCES Some comparative data on education (mainly OECD).

UNESCO World educational statistics.

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6. Environment

CIESIN Center for International Earth Science Information Network, various data sources.

FAO International data on food production, land use, nutrition.

UNEP Global environmental trends and world resources data.

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7. Health

CIHI International data on health, population, and nutrition.

DHS Demographic and health survey data, 50+ countries.

UNAIDS Epidemiological data and reports on HIV/AIDS.

WHO Comprehensive health indicators and health-related data.

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8. Inequality, poverty

Luxembourg Income Study Income-related data on 25 countries.

WIDER UNDP World Income Inequality Database.

World Bank International data and analysis.

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9. Politics

COW List of wars; datasets for scholarly use from Correlates of War project.

FSU Links to datasets for scholarly use on international politics and conflict.

Lijphart National legislative elections data for 26 countries.

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10. Population

UN-Population Division World population data and trends.

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11. Various

CESSDA Catalogue and maps of social science data archives.

GaWC Data on world cities and city links.

ICPSR Many data sets (international and U.S.) for scholarly use.

Minorities at Risk Minority group data; dataset on ethnic conflict for scholarly use.

UCSD Metasite with links to many social science datasets, archives, and gateways.

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