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This website welcomes anyone interested in globalization — students taking courses on the subject, scholars engaged in research, members of groups involved in global activism, and the general public. It has three sets of goals:

  • Globalization is the defining phenomenon of the turn of the century. The term expresses a widely shared awareness that the globe as a whole is undergoing major change. This website aims to shed light on the process and contribute to discussions of its consequences.
  • Globalization is also a popular buzzword; the notion that it is a cliché has itself become a cliché. Yet it is a focus of increasingly heated contention about the direction and impact of global change. This site aims to explain its meanings and clarify the debates surrounding it.
  • Globalization has become the subject of a rapidly expanding literature. Many organizations provide data and resources of interest to students of globalization. This site aims to serve as a guide to the social scientific literature and other available resources.


Frank Lechner, Associate Professor of Sociology at Emory University, started this site in 2000 and provided most of its content. Teresa Loftin, senior web developer at Tuft University, designed the site. John Boli, Professor of Sociology at Emory, contributed to the content.

Some of the materials specifically support Sociology 266, Global Change, a foundation course in the sociology major at Emory that has been taught since 1997. Several faculty teach sections of this course on a regular basis. The course recognizes the importance of global awareness for today's college students and reflects the Emory sociology department's focus on international research.

The University Teaching Fund Committee at Emory provided financial support for the initial development of this site.

Further Reading

The Globalization Reader (Blackwell, 2000), edited by Frank Lechner and John Boli, contains a wide variety of texts illuminating political, economic, cultural, and individual dimensions of globalization. The book illustrates key issues in public and scholarly debate about globalization. This website complements the materials collected in The Globalization Reader.


We welcome your comments and suggestions. If you create a link to this site, please let us know.

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